5 Reasons Runners Need a Good Breakfast

Controlling body weight is just the start!

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Peanut Butter: The Ultimate Runner’s Food

Peanut butter is the best runner’s food on the planet: here’s how to eat the sticky stuff.

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The Weird Symptoms of Overdrinking During Your Race

Taking in too much fluid can be just as dangerous as being dehydrated.

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6 Foods That Can Give You Runner’s Trots – And What To Eat Instead

Do your bowels (and dignity) a favour and avoid these digestive enemies before a race.

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8 Surprising Foods That Are Making You Exhausted

These can send a real hit to your stamina, but don’t worry – we’ve got alternatives.

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8 Reasons For Runners To Drink More Beer

Here are a few reasons to justify a pint or two after your run.

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How a doting husband-to-be helped Tara get her life back on track!

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Quick & Delicious Choc-Chip Trail Mix Balls

Salty and sweet, these tasty little snacks pack the essential components of trail mix into on-the-go fuel.

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The Worst Foods to Eat Before a Hot-Weather Run

Don’t wreck your stomach and your run with these snacks when the temperature rises.

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What To Eat On The Run

Fueling during long runs is important for peak performance.

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