Five Strength-Training Exercises To Boost Your Running

Slow down when strength training to get much stronger and stay healthy.

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Week 6: When The Heart Falls In Line

My wedding is over and it’s all go for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon thanks to Coach Mo.

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What Is My Running Cadence And Should I Care?

If you want to become a better runner, monitoring your running cadence can be a powerful tool.

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Check Your Form: Upper Back and Shoulders

Avoid injury by building strength and improving flexibility in problem areas.

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5 Speedy Ways You Can Make the Most of 20 Minutes

Strapped for time? Squeeze the most out of a quick break with these speedy ideas.

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The Six Best Exercises for New Runners

No gym? No problem! These six body-weight exercises will make you a stronger, less injury-prone runner.

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Six Hill-Training Secrets All Runners Should Know

Learn to love hills and you’ll become a stronger athlete.

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Week 5: The Race of your Life

The first thing I thought of, as I opened my eyes, was ‘I need to go for a run immediately.’ The endless wedding-organisation tasks had finally consumed me.

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Running Tips From Pro Triathletes

We asked pro triathletes from the BMC-Etixx team to share their running tips. See their answers and learn more about getting ready for demanding workouts.

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6 Key Moves for Stronger Feet and Ankles

Essential exercises to treat and prevent common foot problems.

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