Beat The Heat!

The better we sweat, the cooler we stay. Here’s how…

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9 Ways To Keep Running As You Age

Hard, sensible training and loving sport have given 42-year-old Jo Pavey a long, successful career.

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3 Things Every New Trail Runner Needs to Know

These tips will ensure you stay happy (and upright) as you navigate tough terrain.

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8 Tips For Successful Long Runs

Training for your first ever big event? Here’s how to nail your long runs.

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Walk to Strengthen Muscles

Slow down and walk to strengthen your muscles to get stronger and go longer.

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4 Ways Running is Best for Weight Loss

Looking to slim down? Here’s why you should be running.

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Week 12: Nine Things I’ve Learnt Using a Heart Rate Monitor

Competitive trail runner Alana Doyle has spent the last 12 weeks training with a heart rate monitor in order to unearth her inner racer. Here’s what she learnt along the way.

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Should I Keep My GPS Watch Running During Breaks?

The fine line between measuring accurate pace and simulating race day situations.

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HOW TO: Add Weights to Your Yoga Routine

Make yoga part of your strength-training routine and boost your running performance.

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Three Tips for Running Downhill

Train on descents – without getting hurt – to build strength, boost coordination, and even have some fun.

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