VIDEO: How To Lace Your Running Shoes For The Best Fit

We spoke with footwear specialist and owner of the RUN Specialist Store, Grant Bryant, about how to lace up your running shoes for the best fit.

25 May 2017 / 0 comments.

Five Strength-Training Exercises To Boost Your Running

Slow down when strength training to get much stronger and stay healthy.

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16 Most Embarrassing Running Questions… Answered!

From your sex life, to flatulence, to black toenails… there are some things you just can’t ask a friend.

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4 Things I Discovered After Forcing Myself To Run Every Morning

It turns out that getting up early can have some surprising benefits.

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9 Strength Moves That Will Upgrade Your Running

Do these lunges, squats, and deadlifts to give your running a refresh.

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How Often Should I Strength Train?

Just like when you add more kilometres, the key is to build gradually.

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5 Quick Exercises To Prevent Shin Splints

This simple strength plan will keep your shins, calves, and Achilles healthy.

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Recover From Any Hard Workout With This Routine

All you need is a foam roller and 10 minutes to make your muscles happy again.

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How To Practice Hill Running When You Have No Hills

Mimic the intensity to train your body for what’s to come.

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Hit The Dirt!

Trail-running inspires fun workouts for newbies, road racers and the injury-prone.

17 May 2017 / 0 comments.