How to Deal with Pre-Race Anxiety

How to stay calm and confident when your mind is filled with nerves.

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Warning Signs You’re Overtraining

Whether you’re struggling when out running or taking the hit at home, overtraining could be to blame.

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Avoid 8 Common Race Day Mistakes

You’ve done the training, now it’s time to get to the Comrades starting line anxiety-free.

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Get Stronger To Run Faster

A simple weight-training programme to help runners build power and speed.

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Can running help cure your hangover?

If you had one too many last night, think twice before tying your running shoes.

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How to Cope with Training Exhaustion

To fight fatigue, it’s critical to get enough sleep and fuel correctly to support your running.

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4 Workouts to Shed Kilos

Four fat-burning workouts to boost metabolism and build kilojoule-consuming muscle.

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11 Types of Annoying Runners

We love all runners, of course, but some have, well, quirks that can make training with them less than ideal. See if any of these sound familiar …

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No Such Thing As Too Slow!

Going very easy keeps you fit and injury-free.

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Run Better Every Day

24 Tips to become the greatest runner you can be!

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