8 Questions Runners Should Ask Before Trying to Lose Weight

How to tailor your training and diet so you meet your overall goals. In Run to Lose: A Complete Guide to Weight Loss for Runners, you will find all the details you need on what foods to eat, how much to eat, and how to tailor your training in order to make the weight-loss and […]

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6 Steps to Injury-Free Running

Sports doc Jordan Metzl’s get-stronger, run-better plan. This is adapted from Running Strong: The Sports Doctor’s Complete Guide to Injury-Free Running for Life, by Jordan Metzl, M.D. Why do you run? Because it feels good. Because it relieves stress. Because it fills you with energy. Because it makes you happier. Because it enables you to […]

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Three Shortcuts Runners Should Avoid

Don’t sabotage your training by cheating in other areas. A few years ago, researchers in Taiwan recruited volunteers for what they were told was health-related product testing. Their first task was to take a pill and rate its texture and colour; half were told it was a multivitamin, while the other half were told it […]

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Should you be running moderate sessions?

Not easy, not hard. Some workouts fall in the middle. Since Bill Bowerman popularized the idea of alternating hard workouts with easy days, runners have fallen in love with the back-and-forth nature of that formula. It’s no wonder that this strategy has stuck around—it’s exactly how the body applies a stressor and then takes a […]

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How to stay strong week after week

Want to do well at a variety of races throughout the year? Here’s what you need so you can rock it week after week. Sports are traditionally arranged in seasons. And competitors in those sports must perform well day after day, week after week during the regular season in order to advance to championship competition. […]

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Rest Right

Match the length of your recovery period to the goal of your workout.

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Make Your Dog Your Running Partner

A brief guide to running with your furry friend.

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Does “overuse” really cause injuries?

Researchers suggest the real problem is “training load errors.” As runners, we’re lucky that we don’t have to worry too much about blowing out an ACL or breaking an arm. Most of our injuries are caused by overuse: gradual breakdowns or flare-ups that result from repeating the same motion over and over again. Or are […]

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Cape Town 12 Elite Athlete Analysis     Sean Tait on Running Posture     Drill 1 with Sean Tait – The Knee Drive     Drill 2 with Sean Tait – The Single Leg Butt-Kick     Drill 3 with Sean Tait – The Speed Surge     Conclusion of session with Sean Tait […]

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4 Simple Steps to Injury-Proofing Your Ankles

Add these easy exercises to your running routine and protect yourself from sprains, tendinopathies and more.

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