The Total Beginner’s Guide To Running

Everything you need to know and more to get you moving.

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RUN IT OFF CLUB: Tshidi Laka

A diet and exercise overhaul helped Tshidi Laka lose weight – and inspire others.

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8 Tips For Running During and After Pregnancy

What to expect when you’re expecting and what to be aware of post-birth – and how to deal with it all.

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HOW TO: Add Weights to Your Yoga Routine

Make yoga part of your strength-training routine and boost your running performance.

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Three Tips for Running Downhill

Train on descents – without getting hurt – to build strength, boost coordination, and even have some fun.

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5 Training Mistakes Every Runner Makes

Correct these five training mistakes while out on the roads and get the most out of every run.

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RAE’S BLOG: Running On An Active Volcano

Reunion Island has some of the best trail running in the world. Our online ed, Rae Trew-Browne, was recently there to explore as much of the island as he could, including running on one of the most active volcanos in the world.

5 Oct 2016 / 0 comments.

6 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body While Running

Running blasts stress, strengthens your heart, and gives you great legs – but it can have some strange side effects.

13 Sep 2016 / 0 comments.

Get Motivated to Run

Lost your resolve to run? Here’s how to get motivated. Again.

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Four Nutrition Tips to Help you Ace your Race

Follow these tips to get to the start fuelled and hydrated, and finish strong.

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