The Total Beginner’s Guide To Running

Everything you need to know and more to get you moving.

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8 Ways To Maximise Your Longer Runs

Long runs are key to getting stronger and faster. Here’s how to make them count!

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Umbria is quintessentially Italian: coffee, cathedrals and the perfect place to run.

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Can Running Help Cure Your Hangover?

If you had one too many last night, think twice before tying your running shoes.

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4 Workouts For Winter

Try one of these 4 workouts and you’ll be running strong all winter long.

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3 Ways to Fit Cycling Into a Running Plan

Riding a bike is a great form of active recovery, but it can also help you become fitter and stronger.

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6 Bad Habits That Make You Likely To Miss A Run

These common routines and habits may be sapping your will to lace up and get out there.

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VIDEO: How To Lace Your Running Shoes For The Best Fit

We spoke with footwear specialist and owner of the RUN Specialist Store, Grant Bryant, about how to lace up your running shoes for the best fit.

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How To Practice Hill Running When You Have No Hills

Mimic the intensity to train your body for what’s to come.

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Hit The Dirt!

Trail-running inspires fun workouts for newbies, road racers and the injury-prone.

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