Make Your Dog Your Running Partner

A brief guide to running with your furry friend.

29 Apr 2016 / 0 comments.

How to Restart Training After a Break

If you miss a week or more of runs, it’s important to ease back into training rather than simply picking up where you left off.

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Problem-Solving On The Run

With the right planning, a relaxed run can turn your brain into a problem-solving powerhouse.

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9 Ways Running Benefits Your Body

Running isn’t just great cardio – it improves your body from head to toe.

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4 Workouts to Boost Performance

Combine your run with a little something extra to maximise the effectiveness of your workout.

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The Total Beginner’s Guide To Running

Everything you need to know and more to get you moving.

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Hit The Dirt This Year!

Trail-running inspires fun workouts for newbies, road racers and the injury-prone.

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Strength Train to Improve Your Running

Lifting to fatigue after hard runs offers big rewards.

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TESTED: Nike Lunar Tempo 2

Big on cushioning and low on weight.

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TESTED: New Balance Vazee Pace

These shoes have a firmer, bouncier ride.

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