6 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body While Running

Running blasts stress, strengthens your heart, and gives you great legs – but it can have some strange side effects.

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Get Motivated to Run

Lost your resolve to run? Here’s how to get motivated. Again.

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Four Nutrition Tips to Help you Ace your Race

Follow these tips to get to the start fuelled and hydrated, and finish strong.

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Run Your Business Like A Great Race With DocTrail™

Just as runners keep track of their times during training or races, now you can track your finances easily with Doctrail™, and never skip a beat.

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Ace Your Spring Race

Shine bright this spring by choosing the right seasonal goal.

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5 Strengthening Core Exercises

These core exercises will help you maintain good form on every run.

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Spring Back Into Action!

Give your running a spring clean with these top training tips.

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8 Tips for Successful Long Runs

Training for your first ever big event? Here’s how to nail your long runs.

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5 Speedy Ways You Can Make the Most of 20 Minutes

Strapped for time? Squeeze the most out of a quick break with these speedy ideas.

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5 Ways the Olympics Are Unlike Any Other Event

We know the Games are special. But here’s what makes the quadrennial event stand out for runners.

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