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Run Like You’’re Floating

10 simple ways to feel your best when you run.

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Tone Your Trouble Spots

Feeling a bit pudgy? Tone your tummy, bum and thighs with these fat-busting workouts.

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Pass The Salt

We often hear that too much salt is bad for us, that it will cause blood pressure problems, but getting too little is even worse for your running. Read on if you want to know how much salt you as a runner should ingest. Now pass the salt! – By Julie Cederborg

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Avoid Sore Muscles

No matter how fit you may are, when you start running, you’ll experience sore muscles. The solution: start slowly!

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food for runners

Peanut Butter, Superstar Food

Peanut butter is the best runner’s food on the planet: here’s how to eat the sticky stuff.

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Walking Versus Running

Some days I can fit in only a walk. Will that help my fitness?

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Five Finger Project – GO!

As the Gear Guy for Runner’s World I have tested out the Vibram Five Fingers a couple of times and always enjoyed the product more than I expected. I test a lot of shoes and gear though and have never actually done a long term test with the five fingers.

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Runners vs. Cyclists

Enter the first combined trail running and mountain biking orienteering race of its kind and at the same time make a difference!!!

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Beat the Winter Blues

Dark, dreary winter days can make even upbeat runners tired and cranky, but running can help us to look on the bright side of life again. Read on if you’re having problems dealing with winter. – By Sarah Bowen Shea

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Plow Through the Cold Season

The best way to run strong in the spring is to keep running through the winter. Here’s how to keep your training consistent and your legs ticking over when it gets cold out there. – By Ed Eyestone

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