Are You Under Armour’s Next Elite Runner?

Were you born to run? Are you most motivated at the front of the pack? Under Armour wants you!

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Do you love running so much that you’re convinced it’s what you were born to do? Are you most motivated at the front of the pack? Under Armour wants you!

Under Armour Elite

Under Armour is looking for an elite group of long distance runners to join their family of athletes. They know that the rules of engagement have changed, and get that it takes a lot more than sponsorship to build a champion. Submit your application and you could be part of an inspiring group of runners to help you stay motivated and in the lead.

What it takes

Do you qualify to be one of Under Armour’s Elite Athletes? This is what it takes:

  • Athlete must have run in a minimum of four official South African marathons per calendar year for the past two years.
  • Registered to an official running club.
  • Able to run in accordance with the following distances & times: Half Marathon: Female – sub 1hr 20min, Male – sub 1hr 05min; Full Marathon: Female – sub 2hr 50min & Male – sub 2hr 25min; Ultra-Marathon: Female – sub 7hrs & Male – sub 6hrs 10min.

What you get

Successfully appointed Elite Athletes will receive the following:

  • R20 000 worth of Under Armour running gear per calendar year.
  • R5000 worth of race entries and support per calendar year.
  • Ad hoc seeding to the latest Under Armour Run technologies for product testing.
  • An athlete card which gives access to all Under Armour gear at MVP prices (45% off of the retail price of Under Armour Footwear and 50% off of the retail price of Under Armour Apparel/accessories).

Have what it takes? Click here to complete your application.

Applications close on 8 September. Semi finalists will be contacted for an interview. Athletes will be announced at the end of September. Terms and conditions apply.

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