Check Your Form: Core

Build core strength to guard against injury and boost your power.

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10 Essential Strength Exercises

Do these exercises consistently, and you’ll run faster and stronger.

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Master Your Running Speed & Strength

Try one of these strategies – to take your speed and strength to the next level.

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4 Swimming Workout Tips For Runners

Water efforts improve form and boost fitness.

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Hard Workouts vs Overtraining?

There’s a fine line between hard workouts and overtraining. Get it right – and fly!

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8 Reasons Runners Should Do Yoga

Practising regular yoga will help your running more than you might think.

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The Anywhere Strength Workout

Out of town or short on time? Squeeze in this power-building routine.

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Strength Workouts For Knees

This effective strength plan will keep your vulnerable joints healthy.

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No Gym Required: Cross Training At Home

Need an at-home gym programme? Look no further…

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Mould the Next Generation

Today’s kids are less physically fit than ever before, but adults can do something about that. If they pace themselves and have fun, today’s children can grow into tomorrow’s dedicated athletes, and with your help, they will see that running brings positive rewards. – By Jeff Galloway

21 Jan 2013 / 0 comments.