5 Exercises for Max Running Power

This total-body workout will translate to running longer distances and increasing your speed.


The importance of core workouts in your daily fitness routine can be easily forgotten or overlooked. After all, don’t your legs give you most of your running power?

Not so fast. Having a strong, stable core is essential for maintaining efficient running form and posture, and it helps drive your body forward. A great exercise to achieve this is the toe touch—as well as variations on the move. Toe touches maximise your running speed, increase your flexibility, and reduce your risk of injuries.

That’s why Yusuf Jeffers, a NASM-certified personal trainer and USATF-certified running coach, designed this workout circuit to include toe touches for runners to reap the benefits of each move. This routine goes beyond the simple “reach down and touch your toes” test and focuses on stability, flexibility, and strength.


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