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If your goal is to run faster and stronger, cross-training will help you get there. Runner’s World Commerce Team

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There are many benefits of cross-training for runners. It boosts all-round fitness, prevents injuries and will make you a stronger, faster runner.

To get started, here are few basic tools that’ll help you set up to cross-train at home:

skipping rope 400

1. Skipping Rope

Skipping is one of the best forms of cardio and HIIT, providing a full-body workout and improved muscle tone. Skipping also helps runners with balance and coordination.

To choose the right length of skipping rope, grab the rope by the handles and stand on the loop. Pulled tight, the rope should reach at least hip height, and can come up as high as the armpit.

Buy now: Speed Skipping Rope (R79,99), Digital Counter Skipping Rope (R99,99)


2. Dumbbells

Incorporating light weights into your routine will add to your strength and fitness. The weight of the dumbbells you should use when cross-training varies according to the muscle groups you’re working as well as your fitness level. Start with lighter dumbbells and increase the weight as your strength and form improves.

Buy now: 1kg dumbbells (R34,99), 3kg dumbbells (R99,99), 5kg dumbbells (R199,99)

medicine ball

3. Medicine ball

Medicine ball exercises emphasise full-body movements rather than isolated muscles.

A 2.7kg or 3.6kg medicine ball is best for most people.

Buy now: 2.7kg Medicine ball (R299,99), 3.6kg Medicine ball (R349,99), 4.5kg Medicine ball (R399,99)

Gym ball

4. Stability Gym Balls

The stability ball is an effective tool for improving posture and strengthening the core muscles that power your run. This ball from MrP Sport also comes with workout ideas printed around the ball for easy reference.

Buy now: 65cm Stability gym ball (R199,99), 75cm stability gym ball (R229,99)

aerobic bamd

5 . Resistance Bands

Aerobic band exercises build strength and stability to protect runners against connective tissue injury. It’s important to use a band that provides the correct resistance for your fitness. Also allow at least two to three minutes of recovery between exercises.

Buy now: Extra Light aerobic band (R79,99), Light aerobic band (R79,99), Medium aerobic band (R79,99)

push up pro

6. Push-Up Pro

Push-ups work your triceps, anterior delts, pecs, abdominals, scapular and shoulder stabilisers. These add a critical bit of upper body strength when running, and is especially helpful when running uphill or over technical terrain.

The Push-Up Pro works more muscles than standard push-ups and reduces strain on wrist and joints. Rotating grips allow arms and shoulders to move more naturally.

Buy now: Push-Up Pro (R149,99)

Foam roller

7. Foam Roller

Rolling improves circulation, builds strength and prevents injuries. And because rolling breaks down knots that limit range of motion, it preps muscles for stretching.

Buy now: Foam Roller (R299,99)

The images in this article are from www.mrpsport.com.

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