Mothibi Races To Victory At The 2019 Comrades Marathon!

South African runner Edward Mothibi ran the race of his life at the 94th Comrades Marathon on Sunday.

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Gunning for a Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and Comrades win in the same year proved too much for favourite-to-win runner Bongmusa Mthembu, despite giving it a great go up until the undoing of the infamous Polly Shortts.

Nedbank runner Edward Mothibi finished fourth during the 2018 Comrades Marathon (5:36), and upgraded this year when he ran the race of his life to his first Comrades Marathon win, and his second-ever Comrades Marathon in an official time of 05:31:33.

Mothibi started out tactically running in a group of 18 men, but Polly Shortts was the deciding factor between the South African runners. It was a game of cat and mouse for the majority of the second half of the race, but Mothibi broke away and never turned back reaching the top of Polly’s first and ultimately descending into Pietermaritzburg and winning the 86.83km Ultimate Human Race.

“Yoh! I’m very happy about the win, I never thought I was going to win. I just knew I’d give it my all!”

“I put on more strength and more power to push harder after Polly Shortts! All I would like to say is thank you to all the people who have supported me through thick and thin!” Mothibi said post-race.

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The local hero from Bulwer, Bongmusa Mthembu (Arthur Ford), finished just 25 seconds behind Mothibi in 05:31:58, followed by Japanese runner and World 100km record holder Nao Kazami in 05:39:16.

“Edward was so well prepared and he deserved it. I’m delighted for him! He had a plan, and it worked for him” said defending champion Bongmusa Mthembu.


1. Edward Mothibi (RSA) 5:31:33
2. Bongmusa Mthembu (RSA) 5:31:58
3. Nao Kazami (JPN) 5:39:16
4. Mahlomola Sekhonyana (RSA) 5:43:52
5. Joseph Manyedi (RSA) 5:44:34

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