Tania Ran Off 20kg! Here’s How She Did It

Can you use running to get over a heartbreaking divorce, and learn to love yourself again? Tania did.

Lisa Abdellah |

Name: Tania Tyron
Age: 33
Home Town: Johannesburg
Height: 1.8m
Occupation: Teacher
Time Required: 18 months
Then: 103kg
Now: 83kg

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The more the problems in my marriage intensified, the more I became emotionally dependent on food as a coping strategy to manage stress. It was only after my marriage finally broke down that I found the courage to accept the fact that I’d allowed myself to get to this point; and in order to start living the life I really wanted, I would have to work through my issues with food and make sure I never made the same mistake again.

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Running seemed like a good way to regain my fitness, and it was a far healthier outlet than emotional eating for the heartbreak I felt, having been through a divorce.


A friend invited me to participate in the Randburg Harriers Valentine’s Night Race. At first I was reluctant to do so, because at that stage, I’d never run before. I remember walking lots, and running very little. To put it into perspective, running as short a distance as 500m felt exhausting.
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Nonetheless, I was determined to put one foot in front of the other until I began to improve.

It was at the Valentine’s Night Race that I met members of the women-only running group Catch Me If You Can, and they encouraged me to join a group in my area. They have since become like sisters and friends, motivating me to achieve my running goals.

I also changed my diet, by lowering the amount of carbohydrate I ate and adjusting my portion sizes.


In 2018 I finished the Two Oceans Half Marathon in under three hours, as well as four other half marathons. Running has taught me that you can change the course and direction of your life at any point. In doing so, I’ve learned to love myself again, and discovered my inner strength and determination. I’ve got my confidence back.

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