Seven Dramatic & Inspiring Weight-Loss Stories

These people used running to totally transform their bodies - and lives.

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These people used running to totally transform their bodies – and lives.

There are tons of fad diets and gimmicks promising quick weight loss. But the reality is, in order to lose excess weight, it helps to burn more kilojoules than you consume. To do that, there is no better tool than running. Want proof? Check out the amazing transformations of these seven people who used running to change their lives.

1. Greg Korck


Age: 33
Home Town: Cape Town
Height: 1.92m
Occupation: Sales Director
Time Required: 3 Years
Then: 130kg
Now: 90kg


At high school I was active, and when I left matric I played a little sport. But then life got in the way. The funny thing is, when I looked in the mirror I didn’t even notice my weight had ballooned to 130 kilograms. It was only when I went for an annual medical check-up that concerns were raised. My blood pressure was extremely high, and my doctor gave me a choice: either shed some kilos, or start taking tablets to get my cholesterol back under control.


At the time I was only 28 years old, and I didn’t want to start taking medication at such a young age. So there was only one thing for it: I would have to lose weight.

I went to see a dietician, and she recommended a healthy-eating plan. She helped me to realise that what I put into my body affects what I get out of it. My wife and I began walking around a three-kilometre loop close to our home, and eventually my dietician recommended I join a running club.

Sticking to my new routine was challenging at first, but I soon got over that when I saw the positive difference it was making, both mentally and physically.


Running has played a massive role in my weight loss. If you’d have told me three years ago that I’d go on to run 15 marathons (PB: 3:29, on a hilly course) and achieve a Comrades personal best of 8:56, I probably would’ve given myself a heart attack by laughing so hard. But not only has running encouraged me to lead a healthier lifestyle; it has taught me that with hard work, anything is possible.

And through my newfound passion, I’ve met like-minded people who’ve become lifelong friends – they’ve helped me on my journey in a way that only runners will understand.

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