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Kinetic Night Trail Run (February)

Night trail run with a headlight.

Starting times: 8km: 7:30pm; 4km: 7:40pm.

Pre-entries, available on www.kineticgear.co.za, close Sunday 1 February 2015. You can also enter on the night (R100), from 6 – 7:20pm.

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33rd Johnson Crane Hire Running & Walking Races

The marathon follows a two-lap course. The 10km is a CGA Championship sanctioned race.

Unique Fact: Jonhson Crane usually features a large crane at the 12-K water point, next to the hotel. Expect beautiful countryside scenery.

The first 3 500 entries in the 42.2km & 21.1km races will receive a special edition (moisture management) T-shirt. 10km and 5km entrants will receive a special gift and medal. There will be competitive cash prizes.
There will also be a kiddies area with water slide, jumping caste, balloons and lots more.

Starting times: 42.2 km & 21.1km: 6am; 10km: 6:45am; 5km Fun Run: 7am; 1km Kiddies Run: 8am.

Pre-entries, available at www.championchip.co.za and at local sports stores, will open 4 November 2014 and close 18 January 2015. You can also enter at registration on 24 January, from 9am – 4pm, or on race day, from 4:30am. No race numbers may be collected on race morning. No t-shirts for late entries.

Walkers are welcome on the 21.1km, 10km & 5km races (there will be separate starting areas for walkers on the 21.1km and 10km).

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Modern Athlete Bobbies Road Race

The race follows a circular route and the 21.1km is a double-lap of the 10km. The route undulates through the suburbs of Edenvale, Illiondale and Greenstone Hill, and features one tough climb.

Gold medals will be awarded to the first 10 male and female finishers, silver to the next 200 and bronze to all other finishers. There will be cash prizes for the top three male and female finishers, as well as category winners.

Starting times: 21.1km & 10km: 6am; 5km Fun Run/Walk: 6:10am

Pre-entries, available at www.bobbies21.co.za or www.championchip.co.za, will open 1 November 2014 and close 12 January 2015. You can also enter at Greenstone Shopping Centre (Entrance 4), on Friday 16 January, from 2-6pm, Saturday 17 January, from 10am – 2pm, or on race day, from 4:30am.

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Wonderpark Akasia Road Race

Description: ideal for athletes in search of a personal best.

Medals are awarded to all finishers and prizes to category winners. There will also be a lucky draw.

Starting times: 42.2km: 5:30am; 21.1km: 5:45am; 10km: 6am; 5km Fun Run: 6:10am.

Pre-entries, available at local sports stores and www.entrytime.com, will close on 21 January 2015. You can also enter at the start venue on 23 January, between 4pm and 7pm, and on race day, from 4am.

Walkers, wheelchair users and dogs are welcome.

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Berg & Dal Night Race

The route is undulating, with a few steep hills.

Medals will be awarded to all finishers and prizes to category winners. The School/Club with the most entries will receive a prize.

Starting times: 15km: 7pm; 5km Fun Run: 7:10pm.

Pre-entries, available at www.entrytime.com will close on 9 January. You can also enter on race day, from 5:30pm.

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Mazda 10 & 21.1km

Starting times are: 21.1km & 10km: 6:30am; 5km: 6:45am.

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HIV / AIDS 21, 10 & 5km Challenge

Medals to all finishers.

Starting times: 21.1km, 10km & 5km: 7am.

Pre-entries, available on www.entrytime.com, close 3 December 2014. You can also enter at the venue on 6 December, from 9am – 5pm, or on race morning, from 5 – 6:50am.

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Rockman Ultra X-Triathlon

Just before you get too lazy in the December holidays, challenge yourself to an off-road triathlon! The more experienced can take part in the Ultra, which has been described as tougher and more challenging than any other. Thankfully there are also more manageable distances too, and special exciting adventure experiences for 8-12 and 5-7 year olds. All entries close by 24 November, so be sure to get yours in soon.

Race Distances:
Ultra: 2km swim, 70km MTB, 18km trail run (6:30am)
Dash: 500m swim, 17km MTB, 5km trail run (7:20am)
Kids (5-7 years): 500m trail run, 2km MTB, 500m trail run, fun obstacles
Kids (8-12 years): 1km trail run, 3km MTB, 1km trail run, adventure obstacles

One of a kind! Safer, tougher and more challenging than any other. With diverse and hardcore terrain- you will need stamina, core strength and the mental capacity to become the ultimate “ROCKMAN”. It’s time to take it off road.

Rock-Dash challenges both the seasoned tri-athletes and first timers with individual and team entries with very achievable distances. The Rock-Dash is a sprint distance with enough grit and grind to get your body working to its max right to the ‘dash’ for the finish. Take home your piece of the Rockman! Don’t just do it… own it!

“Rock-Kids Adventure Challenge” promises to be an exciting adventure experience for ages 5 -12 years. The challenge includes a trail run, MTB and obstacle course that will be tremendous fun for the kids. So while Moms & Dads are participating, sign your kids in with the Sunsure Team for a great day of entertainment for the kids. It’s not a race, it’s an adventure!

Pre-entries, available on www.cycleevents.co.za, open 1 June and close 3 December 2014. Late entries will be accepted at number collection at Tribe on Main, on Thursday 4 December, from 2-6pm, or Friday 5 December, from 9am – 2pm, or at the venue, on Saturday 6 December, from 4-6pm, or on race morning.

Rockman Ultra X-Triathlon1

Rockman Ultra X-Triathlon2

Rockman Ultra X-Triathlon3

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Great Run Series IV: Great 10K Run & 6K Smart Fun Run

Championship route, very flat and very fast. There will be great entertainment on offer after the race.

There will be medals for all finishers.

Pre-entries, available on www.entrytime.com, close 3 December 2014. You can also enter on race morning, from 4:30 – 7am.

Walkers and wheelchair users are welcome.

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New Year Run/Walk

Special Platinum medals for all finishers. Trophies to the 1st man and woman in the 11km. No cash prizes. Spot prizes will be up for grabs!

Special platinum medals will be awarded to all finishers and special prizes to the first man and woman. There will also be spot prizes.

Starting times: 11km & 5km: 7am.

Pre-entries, available at local sports stores or www.enteronline.co.za, will open on 8 December and closes on 28 December 2014.

You can also enter on race day, from 6am.

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