Roll Work

The evil foam roller can be used for more than just rolling out kinks. Do these 5 moves two to three times a week to build total body strength.

28 Aug 2015 / 0 comments.

5 Strengthening Core Exercises

These core exercises will help you maintain good form on every run.

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Training Exercise Expert Q&A

Weights versus no weights? Can I train for a 5k and a 10k in the same weekend? Our experts tell all.

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4 Great Ways To Cross-Train

Combine your run with a little something extra to maximise the workout’s effectiveness.

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Standing Core Strengtheners

This yoga-inspired routine improves posture, boosts balance, and works the entire core. No mat required.

13 Aug 2015 / 0 comments.

Tone Your Arms

Say goodbye to wobbly triceps (& run better!).

27 Jul 2015 / 2 comments.

5 Moves to Conquer Hills

Monster hills will feel more like bumps in the road if you work these exercises into your routine.

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Jump To It To Run Faster, Stronger

Explosive exercises will increase your speed and lessen your chance of injury.

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15 Minute Strength Training

With just 15 minutes to strength-train, what moves should I do?

5 Jun 2015 / 0 comments.

ITBS Relief

The number-one injury experience by RunnerÂ’s World readers: iliotibial band syndrome (ITB). This simple routine addresses that common trouble spot.

22 Feb 2015 / 12 comments.