15 Minute Ab Workout to Build Core Stability

You need this fast, no-equipment core circuit in your rotation.


The best core workout is the one you actually do, which makes this no-equipment, 15-minute abs workout a necessary addition to your training arsenal. Designed by Raj Hathiramani, a certified running coach, the five-move circuit hits every part of your midsection, from your rectus abdominis to your obliques and posterior chain.

“A strong core provides the foundation for the rest of your body to work together and use less energy when you run,” Hathiramani tells Runner’s World. “Core strength enables you to maintain good running form, which is especially important toward the end of long runs or races when your form starts to break down.”

A stable core is also your first line of defence against problematic muscle compensations.

“A weaker core puts you at higher risk for injuries by increasing the strain on other parts of your body such as your lower back, hips, and knees,” Hathiramani says. “If you do this 15-minute abs workout once or, ideally, twice a week, you will notice less wobbling and more efficiency when you run.”


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