PUMA Back On The Trails With PUMA Voyage Nitro

PUMA’s Nitro Foam technology makes its way to trail shoes


Nitro Injected

After nearly two seasons of the PUMA Nitro range of road shoes, the Nitro Foams nitrogen-bubble injection technology has now been implemented into the new PUMA flagship trail shoe, the Voyage Nitro.  

The Nitro Foam is joined by the firmer ProFoam Lite for a dual-part midsole sitting on a PUMAGrip rubber outsole. The result is a responsive, cushioned ride in a lightweight package, which is grippy in all weather conditions and well suited for South Africa’s firm trails.

There’s a lot going on with the upper – which actually has a low-boot construction, with the inner-lining sock extending almost all the way to the ankles to keep dirt out. Pulling the sock in closely at the bridge is the Optifit system, and the breathable mono-mesh covers the forefoot, as a second layer over the booty. A rubber toe bumper keeps the foot protected at the front, and the back has extra sidewall strength for a lockdown secure fit at the heel. 

What you can’t see is the toe drainage port protected by the rubber outsole, and the innovative curved midfoot shape providing improved ankle support on uncertain terrain. 


Retro Introduction

The PUMA Complete Trailfox range from over ten years ago was one of the iconic good-looking and impressively performing shoes of that early era of trail running. The Voyage Nitro, which emulates a similar look, has a retro feel to it.

The DNA of a road shoe is felt throughout the design and silhouette. This makes it a great shoe for introducing yourself to trail terrains without straying too far from what you may be used to on the road. 

WEIGHT 254 grams (women) 


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