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As part of RMB’s commitment to unlocking talent, the bank has awarded financial support to LIV2Run Athletics Club through its partnership with the FirstRand Foundation, the Group’s social investment vehicle. As a result, LIV2Run will be fielding four athletes – Sinovuyo Ngcobo, Phakamani Madlala, Tsielo Tsanyane and Khulekani Mbuyazi – in the RMB UTCT trail run at the end of November.

“We are excited and grateful for the opportunity for our athletes to compete in this high-level international race,” says Lindi Meyer, founder of LIV2Run. “This experience allows them to develop their talent by competing against the best in the trail-running world, and inspires them to continue to dream big dreams for themselves.

“We receive an annual grant from the Foundation that covers our costs for RMB UTCT,” says Lindi. “This includes kit, transport, accommodation and a training camp in Lesotho.”Lindi has a remarkable story that reflects the power of sport in changing lives. Her journey began in rural Eastern Cape, where she grew up on a pineapple farm. “Rural farm schools didn’t offer much in the way of sports, but running was usually one of them,” she says. “Most champions are born on the cross-country track, and that’s where my running journey started.”

Running became Lindi’s passion, and she excelled at cross-country. A pivotal moment occurred when a running coach spotted her talent and offered to train her. Her commitment to running led her to represent her province in cross-country, biathlon and triathlon. In terms of other sports, she also represented her province in longboard surfing. Lindi’s path took an unexpected turn in 2015 when she decided to act on her passion for making a difference at a societal level.

She joined the team at LIV Village in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, in the finance department.“  As a way of relaxing, I used to go for a jog after work,” she recalls. “Over time, I started noticing a group of kids following me on my daily runs. And then one day in August 2016 I suggested that we meet once a week instead for a training session. These sessions continued, and in 2018 LIV2Run South Africa was born.”

Lindi’s focus is on encouraging the kids to discover their potential through running. In particular, they focus on the cross-country and trail-running disciplines of running.


“LIV2Run is not just about running,” she says. “We believe in nurturing the whole person, focusing on character development, and instilling values that extend beyond the running trails.”

LIV2Run’s vision falls under the vision of LIV Village – “Rescue, Restore, Raise, and Release the Star” – and encapsulates its mission to transform lives.

LIV2Run management have developed a senior team of athlete coaches, each taking part in high-level races and coaching their own team of junior athletes. They pass their inspiration and knowledge forward and are dedicated to guiding young athletes, not only in their running journeys but also in their personal development. This mentorship is a comprehensive programme, including weekly life skills training as well as coaching.

The impact of LIV2Run extends beyond the confines of LIV Village. They have established partnerships with schools and local communities, bridging the gap between the village and its surroundings. They host a cross-country league, trail-running races and clinics, all aimed at providing opportunities for children who may not have access to sports otherwise.

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RMB Head of Brand and Sponsorships Lucy Lightfoot: “Partnership is a very strong component of the RMB UTCT approach. Through the support of partners like RMB, LIV2Run can continue to thrive and impact the lives of many young athletes at LIV Village and beyond, and feed the talent pipeline of trail running in South Africa. We are thrilled to welcome them to RMB UTCT this year, and wish them the best of luck as they compete against some of the best in the sport.”

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