Comrades: The Best Of The Quotes

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Given the nature of the Comrades Marathon, it’s not surprising that the top athletes have some inspiring and motivational quotes to share after their race.

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‘Comrades is a long distance, you can’t be serious the whole time. You need to enjoy your race.’ – 2017 Winner, Bongmusa Mthembu.

Leader Mthembu just before the Polly Shortts climb #comrades2017

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‘I didn’t realise it wasn’t the finish line when I hit the first mat! Thanks to the person who told me I wasn’t finished yet!’ – Women’s winner Camille Herron on how she thought her race was done before it actually was!

‘I’m happy with my performance. I almost pulled out at 20km, I was struggling with groin pain. The supporters helped so much! Today was one of the toughest days of my life, but I am happy to be the first South African woman home today.’ – Last year’s winner Charné Bosman.

‘My hamstring was bothering me today, Bongmusa picked up the pace when he saw me struggling! Congrats my brother.’ – Last year’s champion Gift Kelehe.

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