Eat Smart, Run Hard This Spring!

Up your fuelling game, and you could win with Doppio Zero!

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Constantly hungry and feeling irritable? You might not be refuelling your body the right way. Here’s what you should be doing!

The running calendar is never ending and one thing all runners have in common is that post-run hunger!

It’s normal to start feeling hungrier and experiencing more cravings once you pick up your training, but it’s crucial to ditch the bad foods and fuel up with what the body actually needs.

Doppio Zero has launched a brand new FRESH menu for Spring, which features tons of nutritious breakfast and lunch options that will keep you fuelled during training season and won’t wreck your meal plan.

Help your muscles recover

It’s important to get in the right amount of protein after a good training session, to help those muscles repair and heal and to keep you feeling fuller for longer. The best way to do this? A post-run protein-packed breakfast or brunch. Get your healthy grains in with a variety of protein sources, like quinoa, egg, peas, baby marrow and other delicious ingredients which can all be found in Doppio Zero’s Salmon Grain Bowl.

Doppio Zero’s Salmon Grain Bowl – Photographer Marsel Roothman

If you’re plant-based, go for a tofu scramble, like the Mushroom Tofu Scramble, which comes with tomatoes and red pepper, for an extra boost of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Mid-day slump hitting you hard?

While you might be blaming your 5am rise to get your run in before work, a midday slump or 3pm exhaustion could be due to not eating enough protein at lunch time. To combat this and to make sure you still have a super-productive afternoon, make sure you have a proper lunch that has enough protein and veg to boost your energy, but isn’t heavily carb laden. Doppio Zero’s Turmeric Chicken Salad with celery, roasted beetroot, mange tout and baby marrow will definitely hit the spot.

Stay hydrated

Sometimes when we’re experiencing insatiable cravings, we’re actually just thirsty. With temperatures rising and summer around the corner, it’s important to make sure you’re taking in the right amount of liquids. To double up on nutrients and hydration at the same time add a freshly cold-pressed juice with ingredients such as a carrot, celery, pineapple and ginger to help you detox from the weekend or a juice with turmeric, orange, lemon and honey to support your immune system in periods of stress. Because no one wants to be sick on race day!

Doppio Zero’s Cold-Pressed Juice – Photographer Marsel Roothman

Add a power shot to your meal plan

As much as we like to think we’re getting in all the nutrients we need, it’s just not always the case. While we know you’re not skipping your morning run, a busy work week with loads of meetings and commitments can throw your healthy diet down the toilet. An easy way to boost your nutrient intake and keep you performing the way you want to be? A power shot! Try Doppio Zero’s OGA for a boost of vitamin C, thanks to the orange and grapefruit.

Those post-run beers are the business! But come Monday, you might need a little bit of extra help with detoxification… Try the activated charcoal shot with lemon and mint, which helps aid the body’s natural detox processes.

Get your grub on!

Doppio Zero’s new FRESH menu is now available at stores countrywide and runs until Sunday 21 October. Available for breakfast and lunch only. For more information and a full list of Doppio Zero stores in Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape, visit

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