Olympic Launches Performance New Trail & Updated Road Shoes


Offering value-for-money in a quality product, Olympic has released a new trail model and updated their performance road shoe – both retailing for under R1000.

Olympic Outback Trail

One of the most crucial aspects of a performance trail running shoe is its traction. The Olympic Outback trail shoes are specifically designed to provide excellent grip on varied surfaces, such as muddy trails, loose gravel, rocky terrains and steep ascents/descents.

They feature aggressive outsoles with deep lugs made from durable rubber compounds, ensuring maximum traction and preventing slippage. The advanced traction systems in the Outback trail gives runners the confidence to take on any trail with ease.

Protection: Shielding Your Feet from the Elements
The Outback trail shoes are built to withstand the rigours of the trail, protecting your feet from potential hazards. They incorporate durable materials and reinforced toe caps to shield against rocks, roots and other debris.

Stability and Support: Finding Balance in Every Step
Uneven and technical trails demand stability and support. Our performance trail running shoes are engineered to provide a secure fit, ensuring your feet stay in place during quick manoeuvres and sudden changes in terrain. They feature a supportive midsole with cushioning and stability technologies to promote a smooth and controlled ride while reducing the risk of ankle rolls and enhancing overall stability.

Lightweight and Responsive: Swift as a Mountain Goat
Agility is key in trail running, and a lightweight and responsive shoe can make all the difference. The Outback trail performance running shoes aim to strike a balance between protection and weight, offering a nimble and agile experience. Our innovative materials – lightweight mesh uppers and minimal overlays – reduce the overall shoe weight without compromising durability. Coupled with responsive midsole cushioning and energy-returning technologies, these shoes propel you forward, enhancing your performance on the trails.

Breathability and Drainage: Staying Cool and Dry
Trail running often involves encounters with water crossings and muddy sections. The Outback incorporates breathable materials that allow proper airflow, preventing excessive sweat and keeping your feet dry and comfortable. The shoe expels water quickly, preventing you from becoming heavy and waterlogged. The combination of breathability and drainage ensures you can focus on your run, free from discomfort caused by trapped moisture.

In short:
The Outback trail shoes offer the perfect balance of traction, protection, stability, and agility, allowing you to conquer any trail with confidence. Whether you’re an experienced trail runner seeking to improve your performance or a beginner looking to embark on your first off-road adventure, investing in a high-quality trail running shoe will make a world of difference.

Price: R999,00


  • Podded innersole for first touch-first feel comfort
  • Smooth phylon mid-sole
  • Combination mesh/PU upper
  • Supportive upper that cradles your foot
  • Protective bumper on the forefoot
  • Variable lacing system
  • Rugged lugs on the outersole
  • 6mm drop
  • 360 grams

Updated Bounce 2 Road Shoe

The new and improved Bounce has just landed on the main stage and can be compared favourably with any of the top running shoes.

A lightweight, high-performance road running shoe that’s built for supreme comfort and speed.

Made from a combination of light and supportive technical materials, the Bounce 2 will support you in the right places and keep you comfortable while you tackle the road ahead. The firm and breathable upper will give your foot the support it needs while the cushioned and responsive phylon midsole gives you the return on strike.

The Bounce 2 was created to offer the everyday runner an amazing, comfortable & technical shoe, ready for any marathon at an affordable price.

Now, tried and tested by runners in the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon as well as the half. We have softened up the Phylon midsole to add the extra memory cushioning without sacrificing any support. The new durable rubber outsole will also give you those extra miles for your buck!

The cushioning of our podded inner-sole remains one of our key fit features.

Price: R979


  • Podded innersole for first touch-first feel comfort
  • Stippled phylon mid-sole
  • Combination breathable mesh/PU upper
  • Variable lacing system
  • Durable and hard-wearing outersole
  • 8mm drop
  • 310 grams


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