Salomon Glide Max – A New Max Cushioned Road Shoe

This new road shoe from Salomon’s revamped 2022 range offers more comfort and room than ever before.


Built For Comfort 

The Salomon Glide Max is a well timed release for those looking for as much cushioning as they can get while training for Comrades. 

A high stack height of cushioning starts at 37.5mm at the heel and drops 10mm to the forefoot at 27.5mm, which creates a large volume for the Energy Surge foam that fills most of the midsole. There is a lot more Energy Surge cushioning than ever before and the Olefin-based medium has about the same cushioning density as the Salomon Ultra Glide and Pulsar shoes, so those familiar with these popular trail shoes will know it’s quite soft under foot.

Adding further comfort is the widest toe box in a Salomon shoe to date. The forefoot width allows the foot to splay laterally and this is accommodated by the soft, one piece, mesh upper. Like the cushioning below it, the upper has a lot of volume. Broad and voluminous feet will slip in gratefully, and for those that need some extra lockdown there are welded overlays including a pair of diagonally angled strips attaching the heel cup to efficiently pull the upper in closely for a snug lockdown when tension is added to the laces. 

Tech Points

  • Energy Surge is lightweight, responsive foam created by combining EVA and Olefin.
  • Reverse curved midsole, R Camber geometry, helps you feel like you are floating over the ground.
  • Engineered Mesh is a structured weave that offers flexibility and breathability.
  • Road Contagrip combines flat, wide lugs for grip on flat, hard surfaces, with a compound that balances durability and adhesion.
  • SensiFit cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, providing a secure, snug lockdown. 

All the added volume pushes the Salomon Glide Max firmly into the Max Cushioned category of road running shoes, but without any added tech in the midsole, the overall weight is kept low, just 275 grams. The soft bouncy ride is well suited to training pace for those longer distances, like Comrades. 

The shoe is unisex with a good looking colour way and and can be purchased HERE.


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