PUMA Magnify Nitro Spectra: Comfort Magnified


Towards the end of 2020 we started clocking up many fast kays in the PUMA NITRO range of shoes. The supportive, lightweight new midsole ticked all the boxes, especially in the PUMA Deviate NITRO. Keeping to the current trend for the fastest athletes out there, the exaggerated quantity of foam used was the focus performance factor of the shoe, and it delivered admirably.

More Than Ever

Now, in a bold step – and doubling down on the already large midsole – the Magnify NITRO Spectra takes this exciting tech one step further, offering PROFOAM LITE and the most NITRO cushioning ever put into any shoe. NITRO gives you a lightweight, responsive ride, no matter how you run.

To ensure a comfortable fit to go with the new, attractive Spectra colours, the Magnify has a new performance last, backed by science to work for any runner, and a breathable mesh material that feels just right. For support, a 3D moulded heelpiece maximises comfort and holds your foot securely, while durable PUMAGRIP rubber offers traction on many surfaces.

More Shoe = Less Weight

Quite a trick, made possible by injecting nitrogen gas bubbles into the foam. It’s nothing short of amazing how much foam can be used in a shoe!

What You Get

CUSHIONING: NITRO – light and responsive. Advanced foam technology, providing responsiveness and cushioning in a lightweight package.

LIGHTWEIGHT: PROFOAM LITE – high-rebound EVA. Provides instant cushioning, and a responsive ride.

Puma Magnify Nitro Spectra

Spectrum of Colour

A bright new Spectra colourway for both the Deviate NITRO Spectra and the new Magnify NITRO Spectra shoes, and a new range of running gear, all showcase a positive vision in red, green, blue, and yellow, enhanced and made brighter than ever to create a graphic inspired by refracted bands of colour. The reimagined use of colour conveys the new ways that athletes around the world will join together on some of sport’s greatest stages in 2021.

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