HUAWEI’S Christmas Gift Guide For Tech-Savvy Friends


Buying a present for a tech enthusiast this Christmas? Whether you’re gifting or a relative, the right tech product could be a real game changer for the average user, and a dream come true for gadget lovers – which is why careful consideration is needed.

Read on to learn about stylish designs of laptops, smartphones and wearables that could be the perfect fit for your gifting needs. 

The HUAWEI MateBook Series with 12th Gen Core
Possibilities are endless when you have a laptop that works smarter, not harder. College is the time that many start seeing the value of a great laptop, as it enables students to focus on what matters most – being productive and getting good grades. For those whose time in college turned them into bonafide techies, they can be assured that the HUAWEI MateBook Series lives up to every task. 

Both young professionals and digital nomads, will love that the HUAWEI MateBook Series comes with various stylish designs, Premium Editions and lightweight bodies, which makes a worthy companion for trendy users who are always on the move.

The HUAWEI P50 Series for all content creations needs
Recent trends dictate that the best online content is those that look most natural and true-to-life. To truly be the best at their craft, the content creator needs a high-definition smartphone camera to portray their lifestyle in the most authentic way. With the HUAWEI P50 Series, content creators will be able to fulfil all those expectations with one device. 

The HUAWEI P50 Series returns to the philosophies that sit at the heart of high-end photography, with a True to Life camera ethos, revolutionary HUAWEI XD Optics and revamped camera experience. If your loved one gets excited at exceptional camera qualities – then this smartphone range is perfect to capture the beauty of life through photography. 

High-performance smartwatches and a fitness band to improve your loved one’s lifestyle
Wearables are on the 2022 trends list and are known for their exceptional designs, and innovative capabilities to capture health and fitness. From monitoring exercise, sleep patterns, heart rate, stress-level tracking and SpO2 monitoring. The HUAWEI Wearables range can provide an improved overview of your health, while you are rested and on the move. The improved interface and wireless changing make the range even easier to fall in love with. 

The HUAWEI nova Series is a winner amongst the youth
The   HUAWEI nova Series sets the scene for youth who love innovation, style and technology, at their fingertips. With advanced AI features, sophisticated style, and mind-blowing camera features, the nova Series sets itself apart from other smartphones in the market. Each model is built on high standards.  With ultra-slim bodies, starry designs and two vibrant colours, the HUAWEI nova Series promises to be another trendsetter amongst the vibrant youth. 

Treat your friend or family to an upgrade they deserve. Whether it’s a PC, smartphone, or wearables device, you can head to the official HUAWEI online store, for more detailed specifications and specials for the 2022 Christmas season. 

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