Hoka Releases New Range of Performance Shoes


Check out Hoka’s latest performance range of running shoes – the Cielo X1, Skyward X and Mach 6

A dynamic ride for pure speed and designed for runners seeking speed on the road and during marathons. The Ceilo X1 features a lightweight, breathable knit upper, a propulsive carbon fibre plate for responsiveness, and a dual-layer PEBA foam midsole for cushioning and energy return. Overall, it’s a high-tech shoe built for going fast and far.


A luxurious road shoe designed for comfort and support on long runs and easy days.

Features a plush upper for a comfortable fit and a midsole with a blend of cushioning and responsiveness to promote stability without being overly corrective. A workhorse shoe that can handle many types of runs but excels at providing a smooth, comfortable ride for long distances.


The MACH 6
A lightweight trainer designed for everyday runs and tempo workouts. It balances a comfortable, cushioned feel with a responsive ride thanks to a new supercritical EVA midsole. The upper stays breathable and keeps your foot secure, while the wide base and J-Frame technology provide moderate stability for neutral runners. Overall, the Mach 6 is a versatile shoe that can handle everyday training while offering a bit of pep for faster efforts.


Carla Molinaro at the 2024 Totalsports Two Oceans. Photo: Stefan Van Neel

Carla Molinaro, fifth place at the Totalsports Two Oceans 2024 in the Cielo X1

“I love the Cielo X1. They are a fast and comfy shoe and the cushioning you get on the downhills is insane.  These are my go-to race shoes for any hilly races! If I could only choose one pair of Hoka’s to run in for all my runs it would be the Mach 6. It is a great all-rounder… comfortable enough for easy runs and responsive enough if you want to put some speed too. Definitely my favourite Hoka at the moment.”

Michelle Enslin, Elite age group triathlete, Kona World Age Group Champion & 70.3 Age Group World Champion.

“Not often do we find a shoe that embodies so many desirable qualities: beautiful design, generous cushioning, lightning speed, a kind fit and a featherlight feel. These are just a few ways to describe the latest super shoe from Hoka – the Cielo X1. It’s mind-blowing! The energy return you get in the later half of the marathon is phenomenal – comfortable, fast, light and super responsive with an incredibly forgiving feel.”

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