Blister Protection Over All Terrains With Falke

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Knitted with a mohair and wool blend the FALKE Blister Protection All Terrain sock is designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to blister prevention. Designed to reduce friction, mesh pads to reduce foot heat and specialised yarns to keep feet dry the FALKE Blister Protection All Terrain sock keeps those long runs cool and comfortable.

So how does it work?
The new eco-friendly socks have been sustainably manufactured using the latest BCool fibre. The mohair, complimented with BCool yarn blend, has a hollow fibre structure that allows for thermoregulation resulting in a superb moisture-wicking properties that aid in blister protection. When using a size-up running shoe, this half-cushioned sock will fill the extra space to prevent any foot movement in the shoe giving that second-skin feel. 


  • Anti-microbial mohair/wool blend keeps feet healthy and odour free
  • Mohair/wool blend reduces friction and aids in blister prevention
  • Mesh panels aid breathability and keep feet dry
  • Half cushioned for comfort and performance
  • Arch support for added comfort and support
  • Recycled BCool keeps feet cool and dry
  • Seamless toe aids blister prevention
  • Ankle stabilising technology

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