2017 Comrades Training Programmes

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Your training for Comrades 2017 starts with a simple plan!  Whether you’re wanting just to finish or aiming for a Bill Rowan, follow our 2017 Comrades Marathon Training Programme month by month, and arrive on the start line ready for your best race ever.



> Bill Rowan (Sub 9) February Training Programme

> Bronze (Sub 11) February Training Programme

> Finishers (Sub 12) February Training Programme



> Bill Rowan (Sub 9) January Training Programme

> Bronze (Sub 11) January Training Programme

> Finishers (Sub 12) January Training Programme



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  • Marno Van Der Meulen

    When will the programme for March be uploaded?

    • Penelope Cairns

      Hi Marno, it will be uploaded tomorrow morning!