The Best Dogs For Runners

A round-up (or should that be hound-up?) of four breeds that would love to go for a run with you.

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Most dogs love to run; some more than others, and not all for long distances. So if you’re searching for a four-legged running partner, which breeds – whether pure-bred, or (preferably) the major portion of a rescue brak – should you consider? RW is here to help. Whatever sort of dog you run with, ease into any running programme gradually. To start with, keep runs short – no longer than 3K – and run with your dog no more than three days a week. If things are going well, gradually up the distance and frequency. Just think of that floppy tongue and those flappy ears. And how much fun your dog is having, too.


BEST FOR: Long, steady runs; going fast

The muscular build makes a great companion. “They need a huge amount of exercise and mental stimulation,” says JT Clough, a dog trainer and author who focuses on the fitness lifestyle. They love to be near their owners – perfect running buddies.



BEST FOR: Medium, steady runs

Shown here, a Parson Russell (related to the Jack Russell); they love playing and tend to be very eager and active. “They’re also hunters, so spend some time training this breed to run beside you, and to not get sidetracked looking for prey,” says Clough.


BEST FOR: Brisk, short runs; going fast

Greyhounds love to run with you – just not for long distances. “Some are really only sprinters, so don’t expect all greyhounds to log a lot of mileage with you,” says Karen London, an animal behaviourist who trains and runs with dogs.


BEST FOR: Long, steady runs; going fast

This medium-size hunting dog is smart and willing to tag along on any run because of its high energy. “They are quick, durable runners that have a good top speed, but also have the build to sustain high mileages,” says Bryan Barrera of DC Dog Runner.


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