Your 8-Week Half-Marathon Training Programme

The experienced runners will tell you that if you can run 10km, you can run a half marathon with just a little extra training. We agree, but preparation is everything and the simpler the plan, the better the plan.

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The half marathon is the most popular distance in South Africa because it’s long enough to test even the most hardened ultra runner, but short enough for anyone to achieve.

It’s also a great way to see if you’ve got the metal to run a marathon and beyond – no matter how long the Two Oceans and Comrades are, running a half is certainly a significant athletic achievement. Also add in that the training is manageable compared to marathons and ultras, and you recover quicker.

Whether you choose to run a half or a full marathon depends partly on time and commitment: How much time do you have to train?

Marathon training programmes usually last from 12 to 18 weeks, with numerous long runs scattered throughout. In contrast, our half marathon training programme takes only eight weeks, and it will get you to the finish line as well as ensure that you make it to the starting line healthy and ready to do your best.

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Not only will you need to invest less training time while preparing for a half marathon than a marathon, your injury risk will be lower. Plus, you won’t need to worry about all those super-long runs on weekends, and there will certainly be less to worry about on race day. Many marathon veterans appreciate that half marathon training requires lower mileage, which means they can run those kays at a faster pace than they would for the marathon.
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Get Started Below you’ll find two different half marathon training programmes, each 8 weeks long. One is for novices and the other for slightly more advanced runners. Choose the one that suits your needs best and go for it.

Download the 21km Novice Training Programme

Download the 21km Experienced Training Programme

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