8-Weeks To Your First Or Fastest 10-K!

Tried and trusted; a basic eight weeks to your first or fastest 10K race.

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You can really see your 10K fitness rocket over a preparation period of eight weeks. As with the four-week schedules, it’s important that you’re flexible in your approach. If the 10K is your single focus for the season and you’re willing to do everything you can for a best-possible time, you can add a two-to-four-month build-up period to the schedules, in which you focus on establishing a steady, solid mileage background.

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“THE BEAUTY OF A 10-K training plan is that it requires both speed and endurance,” says Dr Greg McMillan, exercise physiologist and owner of McMillan Running. Whether you’re hoping to nail a time goal or simply to cover the distance, his 10-K training plan will help you to get there.

This plan is designed for athletes who have been running at least three or four times per week for the last two months, with a weekly long run of 12 to 15 kilometres and an average weekly mileage of 30 to 50 kilometres.

10-k training plan

Download your 8-week plan here!

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