6 Essential Moves for Marathon Cross-Training

Feeling the burn of marathon training? Keep your body on tip-top form with these simple exercises.

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Feeling the burn of marathon training? Keep your body on tip-top form with these simple exercises.

Marathon training is hard work on your body and running alone won’t cut it. Incorporate these moves into your routine to feel fresher and avoid injury.

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1. Single-leg Bridge

Strengthens glutes and hamstrings

Lie on your back, knees bent and feet on the floor. Peel your spine off the floor until you are resting on your shoulder blades. Now extend each leg alternately, keeping your pelvis raised and level throughout. 10 reps x 3.

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2. Torso Rotation

Loosens a stiff mid/upper spine

Sit tall on a chair, feet on the floor and hands on thighs. Keeping your head still, rotate through the lower rib cage. Your shoulders will move as your ribs move – they shouldn’t lead you into rotation. 20 reps x 3.

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3. Quad Stretch

Works the quads with pelvis fixed

Lying on your side, bring your bottom knee level with your hips. Grasp your top ankle and bring the heel to your bottom, keeping your thigh lower than your hip. Tighten your abs and flatten your back. 30 secs x 3 per side.

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4. Lunge

Builds glute and quad strength

Step into a lunge, inhaling as you lower your front leg to 90 degrees, and take your arms over your head. Breathe out on the way back up, bringing your arms back by your sides and pushing your heel into the floor. 10 reps x 3.

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5. Calf Raises

Develops calf and Achilles strength

Stand in front of a support and lift one foot off the floor. With the other leg straight, rise onto the ball of your foot, pause, then lower. 20 reps x 3 on each side. Then do the exercise with the leg bent at the knee throughout.

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6. Hop and Hold

Improves balance and stability

Stand tall with both feet on the floor. Hop to the right, landing on your right foot, and balancing briefly with good posture before returning the foot to the floor to hop to the left. Try to minimise wobbling. 10 reps x 3.

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