Trail Runners, Your (Secret) Prayers Have Just Been Answered

It’s Official: ‘Slippy’ Socks Are a Thing of the Past

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You’ve woken up to the sound of your alarm feeling motivated, pop on the gear you’ve diligently laid out the night before, had your morning coffee and are right on schedule to meet your running squad with more than enough time for a quick catch up before you take on the morning’s trail run.

Yes, you’ve followed every trail-running rule from carrying extra safety gear to learning the route and even double-checking the weather. You’ve even done your research and forked out a pretty penny on the best running shoes. – Enough flexibility to adjust their shape as your feet move over the more technical terrain, while ‘the drop’ gives you just the right difference between heel and toe.  – There’s nothing you aren’t prepared for, until two kays in, your sock slips under your heel and sits annoyingly at midsole.

We’ve all been there right? –  ‘Sure, I might look like the world’s most kitted-out trail runner but actually, my sock has slipped so far down my shoe that I can’t take myself seriously.’ Next, comes a slight hop, skip and a jump at the back of the group while you scoop your index finger into your shoe in an attempt to fish out said sock from under your foot and re-position it.

Well, fellow runners this unsporting nuisance is officially a thing of trail runs’ past thanks to Falke’s new range of socks. Designed with your trail run in mind, they offer everything from hand linked toe seams to prevent friction and blisters, reinforced heels and toes for durability, knitted mesh panels for much-needed ventilation as well as (and here’s the winner) sensitive cuff and ankle elastication, which prevents dirt from entering your socks while keeping them delightfully in position!

These socks come in two styles: Falke Trail Run Anklet and Falke Trail Run Hidden, depending on your running fashion of choice, and are both available in an array of toe-warming colours!

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