Totalsports Offers Free Gait Analysis

Simply walk into a participating Totalsports store to accept this awesome offer – and gain valuable insight into the way you run.


A better understanding of your stride, gait and personal running anatomy will go a long way towards helping you avoid injury and make you a more efficient runner. Pair this valuable knowledge with the most appropriate shoe – from the huge variety of technical options, at Totalsports – to complete the process. Then it’s up to you to keep putting in the training to reach your goals!


What You Need

Simply arrive at one of the selected Totalsports stores which offer the free testing (click here for the full list) and enquire about having your running gait analysed. The Totalsports staff on hand have been trained and certified to observe you running on the in-store treadmill – from just a short jog at your chosen speed, they will be able to assess exactly how you’re striding, landing and positioning your feet.

Data Points

Your brief treadmill run will reveal the following tendencies, which can be used to match you to the best shoe option for your running form:

  • Neutral pronation: this is when your foot comes into maximum contact with the ground and pushes off with an even distribution of force from the ball of your foot.
  • Underpronation: the outer part of your heel hits the ground first and your foot rolls insufficiently inwards. You push off with pressure on your smaller toes, on the outside of your foot.
  • Overpronation: your foot rolls inwards more than 15%, and you push off with your big and second toe.

So take advantage of this fantastic offer to get the most out of your running.

This free gait analysis is available at Totalsports in Sandton, Mall of Africa, Canal Walk, Cavendish, Gateway and more.

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