Totalsports Launches Biggest Store Yet

An in store visit now provides way more than just shoes on a wall.


It’s A Touch Thing

The convenience of online shopping has given us freedom of choice when searching for great running gear. The touchy-feely part of picking out your choice of gear has great benefits too though, and with the opening of the huge 1500sqm Totalsports in Menlyn, that experience is even more exciting. 

Not Just Shoes On The Wall

Totalsports wanted to showcase the energy and passion of sport and fitness by creating a space where the store visit becomes more than just a shopping outing. “We see experiential stores as critical to the full multi-channel offering. Our stores compliment the online shopper and vice versa,” explains Andrew Farndell, head of customer experience at Totalsports.

The new Totalsports Menlyn offers a range of services including:

  • Free gait analysis on treadmills 
  • Expertly trained run specialists
  • Gear customisation with name printing machines 
  • Battery-replacement services and a dedicated tech area. 
  • Lockers where your online purchases can be collected 

Project Run

Totalsports Menlyn is also the new home ground for The Sneaker Shack x Totalsports Project Run collaboration. Located in the workshop area, you can drop off and donate a pair of previously loved performance footwear. The shoes will then be refurbished and redistributed, where they will find their way onto the feet of disadvantaged youth.

This new store design concept has been rolled out into the new Totalsports store in Canal Walk too for a whole new level of in store visits in 2022. 

As a little extra bonus there is a rewards special price of 20% discount off selected running shoes over R1999 .

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