Run Anywhere With Falke’s All Terrain Anklets

The humble sock could be a game changer for your stride. Check out Falke's all-terrain sock.

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As runners, we obsess over every detail of our running shoes. We make sure that they offer us maximum support and comfort with every stride we take. What we don’t often consider? – The old cotton sock we slip in between our foot and pricey shoe. When, in fact, the humble sock could be a game changer for your stride.


Falke’s new All Terrain Anklet is a useful addition to your running routine, no matter which terrain you’re taking on. Firstly, it features a stabilising elasticated cuff, which offers you stability as well as good ankle support. Second, the sock has been designed with honeycomb mesh panels to aid in ventiliation and moisture management, helping to keep your feet cool and dry. Cotton socks are flawed in the way that they retain moisture as you run, which can leave you with nasty blisters. These socks, however, are made from a mohair/wool blend to reduce friction and decrease your chance of getting blister.


The Falke All Terrain Anklet socks come in a variety of colours. Shop them now at


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