The Art of Layering

Don’t be scared off by the cold. A versatile wardrobe will keep you warm and adaptable to the conditions.


When the temps drop, runners might be inclined to grab that marshmallow puff jacket and then regret the decision several sweaty and can’t-turn-back-now minutes later. Staying comfortable while running in cold weather, especially on race day, is all about layering. It’s a fine balance – you want to be warm and dry from the outset without overheating or drowning in sweat after the first kilometre.

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Tucking a good base layer under an outer layer is the best way to split the difference. A good tech layer snug against your skin wicks sweat away so you don’t end up damp and shaking. You can also wear it on its own if you miscalculated the forecast. 

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How To Layer For Comfort

The best base layers for running are relatively lightweight and sit close to the skin. That way you can add more layers as necessary, including a waterproof or windproof jacket. A thin base layer under a light windproof shell might be the magic formula for warmth on a chilly day; when it gets closer to zero degrees, that same light layer might work just as well under a bulkier jacket. Mostly a thin jacket works best and can be tied around your waist easily if you find yourself too warm. Beneath that, look for a synthetic base layer that will wick sweat away from your skin or wear a half-zip top that you can use like a window—keep it closed while waiting for the start of the race and open it up soon after to dump heat quickly so you don’t get too clammy.

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Tights Versatility

One of the great things about tights is their versatility in variable weather conditions. With a contoured fit and stretched fabric close to your skin, moisture management is able to work effectively to help regulate temperature. Four-way stretch also creates pockets that can keep things like keys or a phone securely in place while running.

Winter Prep 

The seasons are changing and Totalsports has brought in its new colder weather items. Go online or visit a store to pick out your layering options for the colder winter months ahead in 2022.



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