Donate Your Pre-Loved Shoes And Get 15% Off At Totalsports

TotalSports and The Sneaker Shack join forces to find new homes for your pre-loved running shoes 


Joint Effort 

With the creation of The Run Project, Totalsports and The Sneaker Shack have teamed up for an initiative whose purpose is to unlock potential in existing talent, uncover new talent and strive towards continuing to empower the many young athletes around us.

Keep Running Alive

To keep running alive, Totalsports want to empower and let young South Africans realise their own potential through running and other sporting activities. Through sports, they will both nurture talents, find new talents and start a greater movement.

What are you doing with your pre-loved running shoes?

Here are three easy steps to put them to use:

Step 1 

Drop off your less-worn, previously loved sneakers at any of the Totalsports or Sneaker Shack branches at the designated in-store drop-off points

Step 2

The Sneaker Shack will provide a fresh clean to all donated shoes in order to look and feel brand new.

Step 3

The Sneaker Shack and Totalsports pass all cleaned shoes on with the hope that running is kept alive and the youth continue to feel empowered through sport.

Play It Forward and Get 15% Off

For every pair you drop off you are entitled to 15% off the full price pair of performance shoes or boots from Totalsports. 


Black Friday Fun

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