Two Oceans Ultra Marathon: Sub 7 (Finishers) Training Programme January

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Training Paces

Recovery: 8:00-8:15 Easy: 7:20-7:40 Long Runs: 7:20-8:00

Time Trials: 4km 26:00:00 5km 32:00:00 8km 52:00:00

Start at the slower end of the training paces and move towards the faster end as you progress through the coming months of training.

Please note that if you cannot run the Time Trial times this does not mean you are doomed to failure. These are guidelines and you should be working towards them before Two Oceans.

Enjoy the training!

02-Jan REST 55min easy REST 55min easy REST 1hr easy 1hr20 easy
09-Jan REST 1hr easy REST 5km Time trial REST 1hr easy 1hr30 easy
16-Jan REST 1hr05 easy REST 1hr easy REST 1hr10 easy 1hr45 easy
23-Jan REST 1hr10 easy REST 1hr easy REST 1hr20 easy 2hrs easy
30-Jan REST 1hr15 easy REST 1hr easy REST 1hr30 easy 2hr30 easy

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