Be A Hero – Donate Your Race Medals!

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You train, you run, you get a medal… and then it’s forgotten in the bottom drawer of your cupboard, collecting dust. What if those medals could be put to better use? – By Penny Trevena

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Image by Yentl Barros.

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town would love to take those dust-collecting space-wasters off of your hands.

Why would they need your race medals?

Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital cares for over 260 000 sick and terminally ill patients per year, with one third of the little patients younger than a year old. The extraordinary doctors and nurses at this hospital have a motto that no child will be turned away from healthcare.

Post-surgery, every child is given a medal to wear proudly for their bravery. Many of these sick children never get a chance to leave the hospital.

These medals are old race medals that have been donated to the hospital by runners or cyclists. When a child receives a bravery medal post-surgery or on their way back home, it holds a lot of meaning for both the child and his or her family.

Runner’s World would like to encourage all runners to donate their old unwanted medals to this great cause.


All you need to do is visit the Runner’s World stand at the Cape Town Marathon Expo, drop your medals in the box, and feel like a legend for the rest of the day. Simple as that.

The Expo will be held at the The Lookout, in the Waterfront.


Thursday 14 September 2017: 2pm – 7pm
Friday 15 September 2017: 9am – 7pm
Saturday 16 September 2017: 9am – 5pm

Go on – be a hero!

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