AfricanX Still Planning for March Event

Organisers hopeful restrictions will be eased for event to take place

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With entries filling up fast for SA’s premier three-day stage trail run, the AfricanX Trailrun (scheduled to take place on the weekend of 26–28 March 2021), organisers are continuously adapting the event plan to ensure that Government Regulations pertaining to COVID-19 are met.

“The current Level 3 Regulations prohibit events from taking place, but we remain quietly optimistic that restrictions will be eased and/or lifted when our President next addresses the Nation in February,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports.  “Taking the updated regulations into consideration, we will have clarity on how to proceed.  First prize will be to host the AfricanX in March as planned.  Our team has spent a lot of time preparing for the return of the event, and we know that runners are just as eager as we are to see it happen and hit the trails.”

First prize will be to host the AfricanX in March as planned.

“It is however important to note that we will adhere to Government Regulations with regard to the hosting of events during this period,” continues Meyer.  “We have, as a backup, identified an alternative event date which will be shared with runners should the need arise.  We hope that this won’t be necessary and that we will be able to proceed as planned.  For now we will continue with our preparations to host the AfricanX Trailrun at the end of March.  We are in constant communication with the local municipality and Disaster Management Officials to ensure the safety of runners and staff.  We promise to inform runners as soon as possible on all decisions.” 

The event is held over three days with distances of 24km (day 1), 32km (day 2) and 18km (day 3).

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