10 Tips To Get You Through OMTOM 2018

Deputy Editor, Abdellah, has run her fair share of Two Oceans Ultra Marathons! Here are her top 10 tips for nailing the race.

Lisa Abdellah |

Lay your kit out the night before.
The less stressed you are on race day, the better.

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Arrive early.
There’s nothing worse than working hard to qualify for a decent seeding batch, only to arrive late and have to start at the back of the field.

See an empty porta-loo? Use it!
The ones at the starting line have queues a kilometre long. And think about it: there are lots more people using them.

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Don’t try anything new.
If you’ve eaten something you’re not already familiar with, and it comes back to haunt you on race day, you – and the porta-loos – will know about it. The same goes for brand-new running shoes. How do you know you won’t get a painful blister on race day, if you’ve never run in them before?

Be realistic about your ability.
Don’t be tempted to run with a bus that’s going at a faster pace than you’ve been training at, no matter how spritely you feel at the start. You’ll burn out when you hit those nasty hills in the second half.

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Lube up.
It’s a long way. It might be hot. Chafe is one distraction you could do without.

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Carry supplies.
Take a belt that’s ready for any malfunction: lube, sun screen, safety pins, gels – and toilet roll, in case you haven’t adhered to point 4.

Don’t gallop down Chappies.
It’s a relief, I get it; but you’re not home yet. There’s a long flat stretch, through Hout Bay, followed by a long, arduous climb up Constantia Nek, which will sap your energy. Only when you reach the top of Constantia Nek can you really open up.

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Break it down.
Think about it: five or 10 kays isn’t nearly as bad as 56. Tackle each small section as it comes. Live in the moment, as it were.

Smile at spectators and marshals.
Give them a wave or thumbs-up, even. The very act of smiling is a positive experience that’ll fuel your motivation – all the way to your victorious, fist-pumping finish!

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