10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Cape Town Marathon

Brush up your knowledge on this iconic race.

Mike Finch |

  1. The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is the greenest marathon in the world. The race was awarded the AIMS Green Award after the 2017 event after they managed to recycle every bit of the 5.7 tons of waste produced last year. The race is also completely climate neutral.
  2. The Cape Town Marathon also doubles as the SA Marathon Championships and serves as an Olympic Qualifier this year. This will be the case until 2020.
  3. As part of its RUN4CHANGE Legacy Program, the 2018 Peace torch will again be brought to the event by the Sri Chinmoy oneness-home PEACE Run, which has been carried since 1987, visited 155 countries and run more than 632 000 km (395,000 miles). Among the best known people to carried the torch are Nelson Mandela and the Queen of England.
  4. 1% of the world population – around 7.2 million people – have run a marathon.
  5. Over 22 000 runners will participate in the event: 11 000 in the 42.2km, 8000 in the 10km, 500 in the 12km trail run, 500 in the 22km trail run and 2000 in the fun runs.
  6. 86 countries – the most in the event so far – will be represented at the Cape Tow Marathon in 2018. 10% of the field comes from outside of South Africa and 40% of the field comes from outside the Western Cape.
  7. A team of six runners will attempt to break a Guinness World Record running the marathon connected together as a sausage dog called ‘Worsie’ to raise funds for the SPCA.
  8. Around 70 medical students will run the 10km dressed in their scrubs while 30 runners, across both the 10km and marathon will run for the Love Your Nuts Charity dressed only in Speedos. They have declined to run near ‘Worsie’ however.
  9. More than 50 charities will be represented at CTM 2018 and a total of R2.5-million is expected to be raised.
  10. When the Peace torch is brought down towards the start on Sunday singer Alexis Peterson will perform a solo rendition of ‘My African Dream’.



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