Under Armour’s Revolutionary Iso-Chill Tech Perfect For Summer


Experience comfort and confidence in your summer workout gear with Under Armour’s revolutionary Iso-Chill technology.

Iso-Chill technology provides a refreshing cooling sensation that allows you to run farther and longer even in the heat. Under Armour has incorporated a proprietary yarn that efficiently draws heat away from your body, similar to how ice cools liquids… 

Honestly, at one point, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. – Running Late Club founder Wayne le Roux

How? A ribbon-shaped nylon fibre disperses heat while titanium dioxide-treated fabrics pull heat away from your skin, resulting in an instant and lasting cooling effect similar to resting your head on the cool side of the pillow. 

Scientific testing shows that athletes wearing Iso-Chill take 7-12% longer to hit their VO2 max, proving that you can run, train, and stay outside longer, all while continuing to improve your performance. 


A local social running club, the Running Late Club, had a chance to test out the kit at one of their recent runs in Woodstock, Cape Town on a warm Friday afternoon.

“It’s awesome… incredibly light, super soft and very flexible,” Grace Evans, co-founder of the club, said. “There’s so much movement and it keeps you cool, even towards the end of the run when things start to heat up.”

Club co-founder Wayne le Roux agrees: “Honestly, at one point, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. I’m quite stoked that I get to run in this in summer.

“I’ve run in a lot of other brands over the years but Under Armour has done this (Iso-Chill) tech the right way.”


Why Iso-Chill?

COLD TOUCH: Specially designed fibres lay flat against your skin to evenly disperse heat, so it feels cool to the touch.

BUH-BYE, HEAT: Laser-perforated venting on the back and sides improves breathability and allows more heat to escape.

MAX OUT YOUR MAX-OUT: Proven to increase your max-out time and output even under those hot, high-pressure situations.

  • UA Iso-Chill Laser Tee and Laser Tee II, featuring Iso-Chill fabric to disperse body heat, laser perforations for breathability and anti-odour technology. 
  • The UA Infinity Mid-Run Hook bra offers tailored support with PU-injected padding, an all-over mesh body, and adjustable straps. 
  • In the Run collection, you will find the UA Infinity High Impact Bra, with strategic support and adjustable straps so you can get the perfect fit. 
  • The UA Flex Woven 2-in-1 Shorts and the Pro 2-in-1 shorts feature an expandable pocket, Iso-Chill compression shorts, and a soft knit waistband. 
  • The two collections comprise the UA HOVR Machina Breeze and the UA HOVR Sonic 6 BZR running shoes respectively, which offer an airy, lightweight upper with UA HOVR™ cushioning for long runs in the heat. 


  • UA Elite Graphic Shortsleeve tee features a fabric designed to pull heat away from the skin.
  • UA Vanish Woven 2-in-1 Vent shorts and the UA Launch Pro 5” shorts from each collection are made from ultra-light, fast-drying material to keep you cool.
  • UA HOVR Machina Breeze and the UA HOVR Sonic 6 BZR running shoes provide an airy and springy cushioning experience.

    Available online HERE and in-store now.


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