Top 10 Tights You Need Right Now

Tights for every running occasion – even if that means bedazzling your pins with Swarovski crystal.

Ryan Scott |

Tights for every running occasion – even if that means bedazzling your pins with Swarovski crystal. – By Ryan Scott

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01/ New Balance Seamless three-Quarter Tights: R1 200
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A strong, grainy fabric, used in varying degrees of thickness, manages to keep the (almost) seamless
single piece of fabric in place, for a fit that integrates as naturally as any we’ve tested before. A very thick, ribbed waistband anchors the tights on the hips, and can be adjusted to sit just below the belly button.

02/ Asics Fujitrail Tights: R1 200

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A traditional design, with more pockets, panels, and storage than we’ve ever seen. Trail runners can pack gels, a smartphone, keys, or even thread a lightweight wind jacket through the five, thick, stretchy belt loops stitched to the waist band. A water-resistant panel on the shins is useful on the trails, where dew can drench your shoes and socks unexpectedly.

03/ Puma PWR Shape tights: R1 399

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Puma ACTV and RCVR tights have been a testers’ favourite since they were introduced four years ago. The fit of this new option around the waist and thighs didn’t disappoint. The waistband was larger than any others tested, and the finish was smooth on the skin and seamless at the top end. An extra panel on the outer quads has a lightly-perforated circular pattern, for extra breathability. The welded seams on the top are purely for aesthetic reasons – inside is a standard, rougher seam.

04/ Puma ¾ tights: R699

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Prominent diagonal black and white stripes create a flattering fit, all the way to the knee of these ¾-length tights. The waistband includes a zip pocket at the back, and a drawstring to ensure the tights won’t slide down from the hips. On the buttocks there’s a second panel, below the waistband, which creates a well-fitted contour at the rear for extra comfort.

05/ Freddy Super Fit: R1 400

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The special, heart-shaped cut accentuates the buttocks, and a high-quality stretch fabric smooths and shapes the hips and thighs. But those aren’t the only reasons these tights look so good – a collection of Swarovski crystals above the left ankle elevates this pair to a new level of running chic.

06/ adidas Long Flower Tights: R899

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You can’t pack much more colour into these comfortable, full-length tights, which are also available in a ¾-length option. Two panels make up the waistband, giving these tights an extra-fitted feel, and on the inside of the panel there’s a handy key sleeve.

07/ Lorna Jane Capri tights: R1 299

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Lorna Jane’s inspirational quotes are often subtly hidden in thoughtful places inside their garments. This time, a quote runs boldly down the side of the leg, to inspire both the wearer and those she passes on the road. For comfort, there’s thin mesh inside the waistband, and there’s a useful sleeve for a key or gel. And in true Lorna Jane style, there’s a heart hidden somewhere inside the tights.

08/ adidas Climalite Tights: R699

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Climalite fabric is versatile – which means these tights are warm enough to keep out the cold, but effective moisture-wicking abilities will also help remove sweat when it’s hotter. These tights have extra panels at the knee, so the length is somewhere between full-length and ¾ – which some testers found appealing. “They covered the bulk of my calves, without interfering with my socks,” commented one.

09/ Vivolicious Techfit Tights: R795

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Not as technical as the other options, but the fun designs and simple, full-length panel fit is ideal for fans of tights who are looking for some variety in terms of colour and design. The creativity is endless, ranging from dandelions to portraits and sunsets. A double-thick band at the waist makes the fit versatile at the hips.

10/Freddy WR.UP: R1 700

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Known as ‘the push-up bra of pants’, the WR.UP is the pair Freddy is most famous for. A thick silicon strip grips the waist, and two pockets on the buttocks form a cradle to help keep your glutes firm and perky. A fashion-centric design contributes to this popular look for those who like to blur the lines between walking the catwalk and running on the road. Thick, soft cotton – similar to that used in the Lorna Jane Capris – makes these tights more suited to cold conditions.


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