The Reebok FloatZig 1 is the Ultimate Running Hack


When it comes to running hacks, you’ve seen them all. From pre-dawn carb-loading to playlists that promise to boost your pace, everyone’s on the lookout for a tip that changes the game. But what if the biggest hack isn’t about changing how you run, but what you run in?

Welcome to the FloatZig 1 era — Reebok’s latest leap into making running not just something you do, but something you love.

Reebok’s FloatZig 1 is about to redefine how you move. More than a running shoe, this is a shift designed to make running more enjoyable, engaging, and rewarding for everyone from the casual jogger to the dedicated marathoner.

It’s soft, it’s springy, and it’s all about getting you forward faster, with less effort.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the New Shape of Running with FloatZig 1,” says Todd Krinsky, Reebok President and CEO. “By combining our award-winning Floatride Energy Foam cushioning designed for the elite runner with our unique outsole shape, we created a running shoe that offers premium support and comfort, all while being unique, bold and stylish.”

The FloatZig 1 is engineered to elevate your run from the ground up. At its core is Reebok’s Floatride Energy Foam, designed to put a pep in your step and keep it there. It’s soft, it’s springy, and it’s all about getting you forward faster, with less effort. Coupled with its unique geometric design, the FloatZig 1 not only turns heads but also delivers a performance advantage that feels as good as it looks.


Comfort And Speed
And Reebok didn’t stop at the foam and outsole. Comfort and speed often seem mutually exclusive in the world of running shoes, but the FloatZig 1 breaks the mould. Its engineered mesh upper and strategic foam panels provide a snug fit that moves with your foot, eliminating distractions and allowing you to focus on the joy of the run.

The design reduces excess weight and stiffness, ensuring that nothing holds you back from achieving your personal best. This shoe embodies the idea that the best improvements don’t always come from altering your routine — they can also come from enhancing the tools at your disposal.

“The FloatZig 1 offers industry-leading performance and energy return, suited for even the most elite runners, but built to be accessible and enjoyable for all runners. With both our product, and within our irreverent Running Hacks global marketing campaign, we focused on the joy and excitement running can bring to all,” Krinsky adds.

The FloatZig 1 represents a bold step into the future, offering a blend of tech innovation, aesthetic appeal, and sheer performance that sets a new standard for what running shoes can be — and it’s not just about running faster or longer. It’s about running happier.

Welcome to the new shape of running. Welcome to the FloatZig 1 revolution. Are you ready to experience the joy of movement like never before?

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