Tackle The Trails Effortlessly With Falke

Improving your performance on the trail can be as simple as wearing the right gear!

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Trail running provides a myriad of benefits including improved strength, balance, and stamina. But, before you head off the beaten track, be sure you have the right gear!

If you’re going to weave trail running into your life, it’s wise to invest in a pair of trail running shoes, but you’ll also need a good pair of socks. They’re often overlooked, but socks are one of the most important pieces of gear – especially when hitting the trails. The right pair will offer maximum support and comfort. With Falke’s new Trail Run sock, you’re guaranteed a boost to your trail running confidence!


The Falke Trail Run sock features a sensitive cuff for comfort and to keep dirt out while running. The sock also features a reinforced heel and toe to aid in durability, while the arch support prevents the sock from sliding down. The Falke Trail Run sock has a seamless toe to prevent those nasty blisters while the full foot cushioning makes the sock ultra-comfortable for off-road running.

Get yours now at www.falke.co.za.

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