T-Rockets Vegan X: Running in Sandals

When your outsole becomes your shoe, you know you’re embracing minimalist running. 

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The Vegan X has the most aggressive lugs in the T-Rockets range which is a large contributing factor as to how competent they are on any terrain. Bar a grippy 2mm nylon sliver underfoot, the outsole lugs pretty much are the whole 7mm-thick sandal. But the sensation of how lively and responsive your feet feel on a run speaks to our deep, natural instinct for running. 

A uniquely creative lacing system allows you to thread your own patterns through the three anchored loops, or even change up to your own choice of laces. There is a stretch component to a part of the laces and some well placed velcro to get your fit just right. 

No midsole means no cushioning

  • Patiently revitalise those minute muscles and ligaments on your foot bridge 
  • Reintroduce your foot to this level of minimalism over a generous amount of time
  • Be amazed at how naturally efficient, resilient and strong your feet can be.   

The ‘Vegan’ in the shoe’s name comes from the fact that any leather the original sandals had has been removed. And the ‘X’ is for the deep lugs. Created for those who wish to move lightly through the world and their day.

WEIGHT 225 grams (M)

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