Salomon’s Latest Race Flat Is Light, Snappy and Smooth

A racing shoe to conquer any distance


Inspired by Salomon’s heritage on the slopes of the Alps, the PHANTASM showcases a reverse camber profile that stays out of your way when you’re running fast. We developed this dynamic racing flat with some of the world’s top athletes to focus on what really matters – weight, breathability and a fast transition. Exceed all expectations and speed limits. Light, snappy and super smooth.

PHANTASM is a running shoe conceived to propel you forwards

This shoe just wants to go fast. PHANTASM is a running shoe conceived to propel you forwards and gifted with our most responsive technologies. Featuring Energy Blade for a snappy toe-off and strong propulsion, tag-teamed with Energy Surge foam and R.Camber for a smooth and responsive transition.


Featherlight design
An almost invisible upper with just what you need to run fast. And, nothing else.

Quick transition
The reverse camber (rocker) means you’ll spend less time on the ground. Our signature rocker geometry, R.Camber, ensures a quicker transition – so you spend less time on the ground, and more time moving forward.

Breathable performance
The resistant yet airy TPU Mesh is extremely breathable with no added weight.

Easy Propulsion 
Energy Blade-powered propulsion for snappy toe-off and an easier, more fluid stride.

Smooth Impact
Energy Surge is a lightweight, springy and resilient foam compound that powers your stride forward.

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