New Balance’s Super Fast FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4

A completely redesigned shoe made to break records

by Rachel Boswell |

Training for a marathon is a labour of love, requiring weeks, months and sometimes even years of unswerving commitment, ambition, passion and sacrifice. And when you invest so much in your preparation, you’re bound to want the best shoe possible to honour your dedication and help you to deliver on race day.

Enter the New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v4.

The product of extensive research and testing, the SC Elite v4 is New Balance’s new flagship shoe, which has been specifically engineered to obliterate records. On sale now in South Africa, it’s set to race as quickly off the shelves as it will on the roads – so you’d better secure your pair fast. Here’s why.

The product of extensive research and testing, the SC Elite v4 is New Balance’s new flagship shoe, which has been specifically engineered to obliterate records.

1. It has a superior PEBA midsole
Of all the advancements to shout about, the greatest is the SC Elite v4’s new FuelCell midsole, made from 100% PEBA foam. PEBA is lightweight, resilient and famed for its responsiveness and snappy toe-off, making it the prime midsole candidate for supershoes looking to cover ground with serious speed. Having gone to the max with PEBA, the v4 has already established itself as a no-nonsense racer for podium-chasing elites and PB-hunting amateurs alike.

2. It delivers exceptional energy return
As proven by testing in the New Balance Sports Research Lab in Boston, Massachusetts, the FuelCell SC Elite v4’s PEBA midsole delivers 87% energy return – a tasty upgrade on the 83% energy return of the v3. New Balance athletes, too, have tested v4 prototypes to ensure the final product is the best it can be, and you can expect them to lace up in this shoe at all the major competitions this year.

emily sisson running on a treadmill wearing an oxygen mask
New Balance

3. It’s completely different to the v3
The v4 isn’t just the next iteration in the SC Elite range – it’s a complete departure from the v3, both in look and feel. Once a shoe for the masses, the SC Elite is now an explosive shoe for marginal gains, designed to inject speed into every stride and slice all-important seconds from your personal bests. The v4 is aesthetically and mechanically slick, and noticeably lighter and more reactive than its predecessor.

4. The redesigned upper enhances midfoot lockdown
Why change a bit when you can change the whole thing? The v4’s upper has been completely redesigned with FantomFit technology – a thin, heated bond film that reduces weight while enhancing midfoot lockdown and offering enough structure and support to carry you coolly over the marathon distance.

a man running on the street
New Balance

5. The new carbon plate boosts propulsion

Let’s not forget the FuelCell SC Elite v4’s Energy Arc, which partners midsole voids with a full-length carbon plate to let you really dial into those top speeds. The carbon plate is newly designed to be thinner than that of the v3, resulting in a sensationally smooth, propulsive ride that feels akin to flying.

Whether you’re aspiring to run your fastest ever marathon or half marathon, the SC Elite v4 will be your new best friend on race day – your firm first choice among an extensive and highly competitive market of supershoes.




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