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It may not be your go-to for running gear, but here are five reasons wool is the best active fabric.

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You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking of your old, thick, scratchy jersey when you think of wool clothing. But, it turns out that South African Merino wool is leading innovation in ‘athleisure’ wear – and specifically as a base layer in serious sporting codes. It’s no wonder runners, cyclists and other athletes are adopting nature’s leading technical fibre in their kit line-up.

The wonder of wool

It’s not widely known that wool is the ideal fabric to wear in active pursuits, but Monica Ebert from South African Merino Wool clothing brand Core Merino says that it really is the way to go.

“Wool is an incredibly comfortable and soft fabric. It doesn’t cause any itching and doesn’t crease, it is perfectly lightweight and keeps its shape. Wool also dries quickly when wet, retains warmth, and is breathable for keeping you cool. Plus, it does not hang onto odour – no matter how intense the work out,” says Ebert.

Although it’s not often thought of as a sport-friendly fabric, Ebert lists 5 amazing facts about wool, which proves it to be the best gear for runners.

5 reasons wool is the best active fabric

1. Keeps you cool

Merino fibres react and adapt with your body to keep you cool when the weather is hot. Ebert says that Merino wool has been particularly successful in running gear – soft, supple running shorts and t-shirts that wick moisture away to keep you cool while you run.

2. Protects you from sun exposure

Wool provides excellent levels of UV protection making it an optimal choice when worn outdoors.

3. Doesn’t need regular washing

Wool resists the build-up of odour molecules allowing you to wear merino garments more – and wash them less! Ebert maintains that she’s personally run two marathons in her Core Merino running top without it seeing the inside of the washer.

“Wool doesn’t trap the odour or sweat, and due to the protein molecules in the fibres, it’s also able to break down the odour-forming bacteria – meaning you don’t have to wash it as often as normal active wear.”

4. Helps to regulate body temperature

It’s not widely known that wool is a key element in the regulation of body temperature. Wool keeps you dry during exercise due to its natural ability to absorb and release moisture, which results in less sweat build-up on your body.

5. 100% environmentally-friendly

Merino wool is a completely natural fibre that is both biodegradable and renewable, so it is as gentle on the environment as it is on you. “Core Merino sources its wool from South African sheep farmers who subscribe to a certain level of care for their animals and the environment,” says Ebert.

The Core Merino range includes base layers, mid layers, yoga pants, soft shell jackets, sports bra’s, and much more – all perfectly designed to warm you up to action-point in winter and offer a much-needed cooling-effect when it’s hot.

“Wool is a fibre that works in many formats for all seasons and all temperatures. The fibre has been adopted widely in international outdoor circles and we’re slow adopted locally too,” says Ebert.

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