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The adidas SOLARBOOST is rocket science you can wear

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With their SOLARBOOST shoe range, adidas Running is bringing tailored fibre placement technology to the sports industry, like no one else. Inspired by NASA engineering, the shoe is built for pure function, performance and empowers runners to harness superior energy and self-confidence. Since it’s launch earlier this year, adidas have added cool new colours to the range, giving runners more choice when it comes to style and preference within the SOLARBOOST range.

Test Cru

To test the power of the adidas SOLARBOOST, Runner’s World recruited a team of runners to form the adidas Test Cru. This group consisted of 10 avid runners, who submitted their running resumes via an Instagram competition and were subsequently tasked with lacing up and putting the new SOLARBOOST range to the ultimate test.

After running in the shoes at least five times, this is what the Test Cru had to say:

Abbey Elstob: “The SOLARBOOSTS are very light whilst running, yet they supported my feet very well. The shoes are breathable although I would suggest wearing light/thin running socks rather than thick socks. When I wore thinner socks, my feet were able to breathe better. The shoes grip the road well (even in the rain) and I have been happy with the ride during my runs. During speedwork sessions the shoes were exceptionally responsive at higher cadence and it certainly gives that floating feeling. They are very stable whilst running and an efficient shoe for training as well as races. ”

Ashraf Orrie: “This is definitely a buy it, wear it, race it, shoe! – I could feel with my very first run in them (a 21km training run) that the inner soul moulded to my foot strike immediately.”

Awonke Tini: “I am a big fan of lightweight running shoes and looks can be deceiving for the SOLARBOOST, with its level of cushioning from the heel to the toe I was rather expecting a slightly heavy shoe, but my expectations were wrong. I was happy to find that the SOLARBOOST was highly responsive with every stride and strike on the road. I was able to generate the leg speed I needed and got good rhythm and support throughout the run.”

E.P. Oliver: “My longest run with the SOLARBOOST was a 17km run and during that run the shoe continued to perform. During this longer run the ventilation, comfort and ride was tested and as expected the SOLARBOOST came through with flying colours. At the end of the run my feet were fine, no pain and no discomfort. -In conclusion, I really love the SolarBoost. The shoe is soft enough for comfort yet tough enough for some serious running.”

Fareed Behardien: “It feels fast, is very responsive and still seems capable of going long. My first run was a quick 5km in the shoe and since then it has just improved with each outing. The upper fit relaxed more and takes the shape of your foot after a couple of runs. The Continental Web Outsole is a tried and tested addition that performs well, adds to durability and was capable across all road and paved surfaces.”

Mmabatho Nyamane: “The SOLARBOOST feels very light in comparison to the ULTRABOOST and ULTRABOOST X, which was a great surprise. The shoes’ fabric feels soft and breathable. Admittedly, it was a little strange for me to have the cage of the shoe be made of fabric instead of plastic material. The changes to the cage on the sides of the shoes proved to be unobtrusive and a great change to the shoe.”


Mulalo Mammburu: “I have broad feet and have always experienced challenges with shoes that have inner caging like the SOLARBOOST, so the inner caging was initially a concern for me but after putting the shoe on without any hassles my feet were well cushioned, and the lacing was easy.”

Naiema Dalvie: “The SOLARBOOST structured upper provides ideal support for my running style, especially when needed on longer runs. The upper is definitely less breathable than the ULTRABOOST, which was certainly a winter welcome for me, a win against the constant struggle against cold feet, rain and puddles.”

Stacey Rehbock: “I had thought they would feel big and bulky at first but they were light and responsive. After my first run, I tested them out immediately in a 10km race which I would never normally do with a new pair of shoes and they performed to perfection. My speed was up and I felt a great responsive edge to them. I did find that my feet got quite hot and that the ventilation was not completely apparent but this did not hinder me too much. They gripped well and were adapting to the different surfaces I was on. I am a marathon runner so I need shoes that can go the distance and these were a perfect fit for my running needs.”

Tamara Rasivhetshele: “These shoes are very cushioned yet still light in weight .This is the perfect hybrid between very light racer shoes and cushioned, slightly heavy, long distance shoes. In my own words I would call the SOLARBOOST a ‘long distance racer’ shoe, because of its lightweight yet cushioned design,which provides the right support where it’s needed – especially on the achilles and foot arch.”


State-of-the-art technology 

Inspired by NASA engineering and designed for pure function, the SOLARBOOST is a high-performance, lightweight running shoe created using adidas’ best innovations. Featuring pioneering data-driven Tailored Fiber Placement technology, which lays down fibers featuring Parley material content, every single millimeter of the shoe is precisely stitched and constructed. The result – superior comfort, fit and support in a lightweight form so runners can move confidently at any speed or distance.

Drawing parallels with the construction of a space-shuttle, in which every part has a unique purpose, every element in the SOLARBOOST has been maximized for a specific performance-driven function. Weighing only 295g (men’s 8.5 UK), the new silhouette is 15g lighter than the previous Energy Boost silhouette, reflecting a significant reduction in weight while still delivering superior energy return through BOOST technology.

Run with confidence 

Confidence was a key inspiration behind the new franchise. Knowing that running enthusiasts run to gain self-belief in other aspects of their lives, the silhouette is designed to build this confidence in runners by equipping them with advanced technology. In the first of its kind to feature adidas Runner’s community members, who are at the center of everything that adidas Running does, the supporting Run To Rise campaign is designed to celebrate the peak in confidence and energy that runners experience when they complete their run.


The SOLARBOOST  is available online and in select stores. To find out more, please visit


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