adidas Terrex Agravic Ultra: Carbon Technology for the Trail

A trail shoe ready to make an impact on the most technical mountain trails

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Rugged courses and trails demand shoes that let you focus on the terrain ahead. The adidas Terrex Agravic Ultra Trail running shoes are made for the most rigorous mountain ultra runs. They bring carbon plate road running technology to the trail for enhanced feel, impact protection and better performance.

Created in collaboration with one of adidas’s fastest trail runners, Ekaterina Mityaeva, the TERREX Agravic Ultra is ready to make an impact on the most technical mountain trails.

“When you go out on long distance races, the gear you wear is so important,” says Ekaterina. “You have to have shoes you trust, kit that feels good for you.”

She was thrilled when adidas invited her to collaborate on the TERREX Agravic ultrarunning shoe. “They asked me: ‘What would we need to do to build the perfect shoe for you to perform at your best?’,” says Ekaterina. “The dream question…”

“I told them in long distance trail running, the most important thing is to keep your feet fresh, and we tried to implement this. The sole is stiffer with a rocker shape, which holds well on various types of terrain but also keeps the foot stable and comfortable. It’s a really snappy and powerful shoe.”

The shoe also has a protective TPE plate that works really well on the ascents and descents

“The shoe also has a protective TPE plate that works really well on the ascents and descents, especially on technical trails where there are a lot of stones. And this plate, which runs for the entire length of the shoe, is made out of sustainable bio-based castor oil, a 90% renewable carbon material. This was important to me as when you spend as much time in nature as I do, my whole career is dependent on it, you want to minimise your environmental impact and wear products that support that ethos.”

Ekaterina tested countless prototypes on the alpine trails around Chamonix, where she trains regularly. “I really felt the difference. I’m super-happy with the result,” she says. 


Power Up, Blitz Down
The TERREX Agravic Ultra features an innovative bio-based thermoplastic elastomer plate that’s sandwiched between a BOOST and LIGHTSTRIKE midsole to help you power up demanding terrain, while providing dampening and stability for the tricky descents.
Full features include:

  • BOOST for responsive cushioning and energy return
  • Bio-based TPE Plate for durable rock protection
  • EVA midsole for energy absorption
  • Gravel bike-inspired Continental outsole for extraordinary grip 
  • Seven full lace points allow for a perfect fit
  • Made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials.

The Making of The Ultra
“The parameters in the lab were to make a shoe that was below 300grams no matter what. A shoe that needed to be comfortable, breathable, water draining and propulsive,” says adidas product developer, Marcel Hoche. “There is so much technology in the tooling of the midsole and that results in a ride that is very easy on the heel without taking away stability.”



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