adidas’ Adizero Adios Pro 3: Here To Break Records


The timeline of success from the Adizero Adios Pro range now spans more than two years. With version three featuring more changes, top to bottom,  more records look set to tumble as marathon season reaches its peak. 

The newest addition to the iconic Adizero range still has the same goal – to break records.  What started with Peres Jepchirchir’s world record win (breaking the half marathon world record in the Adizero Adios Pro 1 in Prague in 2020) looks set to continue with the Adizero Adios Pro 3. 

“They feel stable, fast, grippy, and ready to fire. I love the lightweight upper and the snug feeling around my heel.” – Gerda Steyn, Two Oceans record holder

The LightStrike Pro compound still makes up the bulk of the midsole, which has more volume than ever before, standing 39mm tall. This time round we see some interesting cut-outs, to save a few grams here and there . But, with the expansion of the forefoot to a wider platform, stability has not been compromised. 

The energy rods are still inserted into the LightStrike Pro compound, but now extend a little further than they did in V2 to give more rigidity and flex.  A nice touch to the upper is the new fabric extension to help you pull on the shoe – it flips over the back of the heel when you’re done.

adidas-sponsored Gerda Steyn, Comrades champion and Olympian, describes the shoe as “simply exceptional” based on her first few workouts in the newly-launched shoe.

“They feel stable, fast, grippy, and ready to fire. I love the lightweight upper and the snug feeling around my heel. I’ve really enjoyed running and racing in the Adizero Adios Pro 2… this is the upgrade you didn’t realise you needed!”

5-Point Breakdown 

  • ENERGYRODS 2.0: Carbon energy rods that were previously separate, are now a single structure for harmonious stiffness. Embedded in the midsole and running parallel to the metatarsals they create added energy return. 
  • Lightstrike Pro foam: The midsole consists of two levels of resilient Lightstrike Pro foam, providing cushioning and energy return to support you on longer races ranging from half to full marathons.
  • Continental rubber outsole: Built with a Continental rubber outsole with traction to help take corners at pace. 
  • Made, in part, with recycled materials: This is part of adidas’ goal to phase out all virgin polyester and help end plastic waste.

Critical Combination
The success of super shoes rests on the fine balance between the materials in the midsole. It’s imperative that the carbon designs work as planned within the foam that surrounds them. The basic science is that the forces created on the first phase of your gait load the carbon rods with energy. Once the force is removed, the rods are then able to release the tension in the form of energy. This energy needs to be transferred, via the foam, into the upward leg movement of the gait to assist the runner. Each step adds just a little energy and as the distance mounts so does the significance of the energy returns. Essentially you are able to save energy, which you can then plow back into your overall effort for increased speed. 

When testing the PRO 3 the energy return can almost be felt every time your foot goes through the lift phase of the gait, and all our testers agree: Their long-run PB’s are in imminent danger.

Weighing in at an astonishing 218g for men’s size 8, you can buy a pair with the new colourway HERE

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